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Career Success for Introverts

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Dr. Miriam Reiss

Most women in technology are introverts in personality style. Introverts are often perceived as more subdued in the work environment, more hesitant to initiate and less willing to speak up in professional situations. This behavior can influence their perception by both men and women in the workplace, impact the nature and scope of job responsibilities, and have significant consequences for salary progression and career advancement.

In this webinar, Dr. Reiss will deal with core aspects of the introvert personality, including subtle areas that are not generally addressed. We will focus on style in the workplace and discuss the nature of style malleability. Dr. Reiss will introduce breakthrough strategies and tools for success with the introvert style, and participants will have the opportunity to ask specific style-related questions and receive coaching from a master career coach specializing in style-aligned performance.

Dr. Miriam Reiss helps women in technology grow their skills, maximize their professional success, and increase their level of sustained self-confidence and well-being. As co-author of "Branding & Marketing Mastery," Miriam is an executive coach, former marketing director and consultant. Her coaching clients have ranged from biotech professionals to women in engineering, at companies including Boeing and Microsoft. Miriam has presented at WITI webinars and the WITI annual conference. She is Past President, Washington State Chapter, International Coach Federation (ICF), and a Master Certified Coach, the ICF's senior ranking. Miriam holds a doctorate from Peace Theological Seminary, degrees from Cornell and Columbia Universities, and a master's degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Miriam can be reached at miriam@spiritedmarketing.com, www.spiritedmarketing.com.

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Exit Planning & Strategies Maximizing the Value of Your Business in a Sale

Cultivate Your Own Advisory Board for Career Advancement

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: JJ DiGeronimo

Join us as we discuss effective ways to define, plan and execute career advancement strategies with the help of your own advisory board which includes mentors and sponsors that can help guide you on your professional journey.

Professionals who attend this webinar will walk away with:

- A plan to create an effective and active advisory board
- Benefits of leveraging social media to create and manage an advisory board
- Guidelines and advantages of developing multiple advisory boards

As the president of Tech Savvy Women and Purposeful Woman, JJ DiGeronimo has been featured in many publications and TV shows including Forbes, Fox Business, ITWorld, Career-Intelligence and theglasshammer. She has been invited to speak at some of the largest companies and leadership events including Microsoft, Sears Holding Company, KeyBank, Symantec, VMware, Grace Hooper, NASA and Cisco.

She is also a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine and an award-winning author of books including "The Working Woman's GPS," "Before You Say Yes" and her co-authored book "The Confident Woman."

In addition to leadership keynotes, webinars and videos for professional women, JJ is often called upon by executive teams to consult on diversity & inclusion strategies to retain and advance women in Science, Technology Engineering positions.

Prior to managing her own companies, JJ had a 20-year career in high tech, advancing into leadership positions within Silicon Valley-based technology companies including VMware and Inktomi. She regularly leverages these relationships, her organization of Tech Savvy Women, along with hundreds of hours of research, to provide women and girls relevant and proven strategies for professional advancement within science, technology and engineering disciplines.

Throughout her career, JJ has made a positive impact in technology and, specifically, STEM. Her accomplishments and contributions include:

    Strategic Advisor for STEMPoweredKids, CoolTechGirls & Her Ideas in Motion - 2014
    Initiated "What DO Women in STEM DO" video channel - 2013
    Named to Top 25 People in Technology by Inside Business Cleveland
    Next Generation Indie Book Award for "The Working Women's GPS" - 2011
    Launched leadership blog for professional women - 2010
    Co-creator of diversity corporate initiative Women on Purpose at VMware to empower women in the technology industry and support career advancement- 2009
    Launched Tech Savvy Women a professional group of women in Tech & STEM with over 1200 members in 3 cities - 2008
    Innovation Award from the Small Business Network - 2005
    Entrepreneur Magazine featured her company, TechStudents, the largest database of technology graduates from 300 colleges and universities- 2004

You can find out more at www.jjdigeronimo.com

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Excited About Your Story: Tell it like a TED Pro

Thursday, April 30, 2015
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: John Bates, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Speaking Success & Business Coaching

Great leaders tell great stories. Do you know how to convey your message, convince your audience, and get your point across? A good story has the power to touch people's deepest emotions, but only if you know how to tell it. In this webinar with John Bates, TED speaker, Leadership & Communications Coach, and storyteller extraordinaire, you will learn:

- How to unleash your own innate powers and become the natural-born storyteller we know you can be.
- Excellent storytelling tools, including Bates' "powertools" of storytelling.
- Where most people go wrong and why so many people wrongly believe that they can't be good storytellers.

People regularly say that John's is the best communications training they have ever received.

John Bates began working in the dotcom arena in 1994. He shares the secrets and tools that have allowed him to be an award winning public speaker since high school, co-found or be a very early employee at numerous startups, raise hundreds of millions in venture capital, fail big, succeed big and travel the world coaching hundreds of executives, TED & TEDx speakers. John is a co-author of World Class Speaking In Action, an Amazon #1 Best Selling book in which he writes about the Science of Speaking Success.

John's communication, leadership and pitch coaching have won him rave reviews from top level execs at the Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers in Silicon Valley & Boston, Prescience International, Stone Brewing Co., Motorola Solutions, Janssen Labs in San Diego, LAZ Parking, Oculus Innovative Sciences, DudaMobile, Real-Time Innovations (RTI) of Silicon Valley, the American Embassy in Slovakia, Telefonica/O2, PlaySpan (acquired by Visa), ČSOB, and many others, along with top reviews from TEDxHoboken, TEDxFulbright, TEDxVilnius, TEDxTaiz, TEDxVeniceBeach, and more.

You can find out more at www.ExecutiveSpeakingSuccess.com

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How to Find Work in the 21st Century

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Dr. Charles Michael Austin

The working world of the 21st century is a freelance marketplace. Whatever work you do, you need to be constantly marketing yourself - because corporate loyalty is essentially dead and because you'll have many careers during your lifetime.

In this webinar, Dr. Chaz Austin will share tips on how to navigate an increasingly fluid and often intimidating landscape so that you can develop a game plan to find work you want – now and for the rest of your career. He will discuss:

- Moving your job-seeking strategy into the 21st century
- The importance of passion
- The employer's perspective
- How communication is the key to your success
- Networking
- Getting out of your own way
- And much more

Dr. Charles Michael Austin, Ed.D. (known as "Doctor Chaz") is a recognized authority in the field of Career Development and Career Training. He is the author of How To Find Work . . . And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Life, and 101 Ways to Find Work . . . and Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career! (published by Cengage PTR).

Dr. Chaz's mission is to train his clients how to market themselves in what has become a freelance world, where corporate loyalty is dead and everyone has to hustle for work - for as long as they continue to work.

Dr. Austin has presented papers on career training and development to: the National Association of Women MBAs, the Association for Business Communication, the National Council for Workforce Education, the Society of Educators and Scholars, the International College Teaching and Learning Conference, and the Global Conference on Education (where he was keynote speaker).

He has served as: Director of Career Development at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Career Resource Specialist for Business Students and Alumni at Woodbury University in Burbank, MBA Career Development and Employer Relations Manager at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Business and Management, and Director of Placement at Video Symphony in Burbank.

He holds a B.A. in Sociology from The City College of New York, an M.A. in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University.

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