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WITI Webinars are FREE for all of our members, and non-member pricing is also available. We offer multiple webinars to take advantage of each month and our members also have access to recordings and materials from past webinars. Details of our current offerings follow:

Secrets to Happiness: Be Happier at Work and In Your Life

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Manuela Pauer

What makes us truly happy? Why is happiness so elusive at times? How can we bring more happiness into our work as well as our lives?

Wanting to be happy is such a universal goal, yet at the same time it seems to be a universal mystery as well.

We pursue so many goals in our career and in our life, thinking that reaching them will make us happy. But in reality, we are often working against our own happiness without even knowing it!

Join us in this webinar, so you can:

- Understand the Happiness Formula and what creates happiness
- Identify the type of work that will make you happy
- Uncover how to set goals that make you happy
- Learn and practice specific steps you can take and habits you can build to make you feel more fulfilled, more connected, and happier!

This workshop will draw from research and experience of a variety of experts, including:

Martin Seligman (Authentic Happiness)
Jonathan Haidt (The Happiness Hypothesis)
Tal Ben-Shahar (Happier)

Manuela Pauer, principal of Pauer Consulting, is a Certified Success Career and Life Coach and strategy consultant. She is passionate about empowering smart and creative women to find more meaning, success and balance in their careers and lives.

She has over 15 years of experience in helping people take personal leadership in their life and career. Her work experience spans Strategy Consulting at Bain & Company, Product Management at a successful Silicon Valley start-up, Executive Director of Strategic Planning at AOL and Director of Coaching at Habitera.

Manuela completed her coach and leadership training at the Coaches Training Institute and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UC Berkeley, where she also pursued her love for languages. She speaks German and Japanese, is conversant in French, and is studying Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. She is an avid traveler and has visited 42 countries (and counting).

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What Skills Do You Need to Prosper In The Digital Economy?

Thursday, January 12, 2017
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Stephen C Jenvey

Uber, AirBnB, Alibabah, JPMorgan???? Which will be the next industry to be impacted by the digital economy - is it yours?

All across Financial Services we are seeing a massive uptick in the way information and technology are transforming and impacting the industry, from the client engagement experience, to amplifying intelligence, the cloud and blockchain. In this webinar, Stephen Jenvey will discuss and you will learn:

- What skills are critical to keep up
- What opportunities this can bring to each of you in your professional career

Stephen Jenvey is Vice President and Principal Architect for the Capital Group based in Irvine, CA. He and his team are responsible for defining technology strategy and supporting roadmaps for Sales, Marketing, and Digital across the firm globally. Stephen is also working on creating a UX Design practice focused on the associate experience and internal business applications. His 20+ year career in financial services has covered both technical and business functions with past roles at Capital Group, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Investments and Lehman Brothers. Stephen has a passion for emerging technology and innovation, whether working in operating businesses, R&D labs or early stage Venture Capital and the positive impact it can have on business and individuals alike.

About the company:

Capital Group Companies, Los Angeles, CA

Capital Group is home of American Funds, one of the nation's largest actively managed mutual fund families. Since 1931, we have been singularly focused on delivering superior results for long-term investors.

Operating from offices throughout the world, Capital Group uses rigorous analysis, on-the-ground research and diverse points of view to develop investment perspectives. Our portfolio managers are seasoned professionals who invest alongside shareholders, aligning their interests with our clients. Our funds serve as investment vehicles for 401(k) plans, other retirement plans and 529 college savings plans.

Capital Group is a private firm that employs more than 7,000 associates in 23 offices



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The Knowledge Series™ - 5 Keys to Accelerate Your Success

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Judy Peebles

In this webinar, you will learn how the 5 Keys of The Knowledge Series™ get you clear on what you want, show you the steps to get there and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Judy Peebles will discuss:

Vision - What do you want and why do you want it? Clarity is crucial, but so is knowing why you want to accomplish your goal. That is what keeps you going. And make sure that the why is your own - not someone else's why.

Framework - Action Plan. What are you willing to do? What are you unwilling to do? But don't wait until you have the entire plan before you start taking small steps.

Leverage - Support, Systems and Structure, Accountability, Resources - coaching & community. Don't do it alone. Ask for help.

Brilliance - What do you need to learn? We almost always need to learn something to accomplish a new goal. Identifying that need and taking steps to get there are essential to your success.

Breakthrough - What barriers (internal and external) are in your way? Often the internal barriers are the most daunting, especially the ones we are not even aware of. Don't let your beliefs about yourself, the world or anything else sabotage your vision.

Judy Peebles is the creator of The Knowledge Series™, High Heeled Haven™, The Journaling Jenius™ and Journaling Jems™.

Having climbed the Corporate ladder and as a former Director, Sales Operations in Hi-Tech, Judy has a secure knowledge of the challenges facing individual contributors, managers and executives today.

Judy started her Speaking, Training & Coaching business in 2007. She helps her clients gain clarity on what they want and then guides and assists them on the path to accomplish it. Not a traditional coach, her clients have achieved amazing results:

- Reaching a five-year career goal in less than two years

- Turning struggling businesses into thriving ones

- Running marathons

- Becoming Iron Men

- Improving their relationships and living more balanced lives

Judy Peebles is an NLP Master Results Coach and Performance Consultant. She is a sought after International Speaker and Trainer known for her playful style while delivering compelling, interactive presentations and trainings that are not only informative, but transformational.

While working in the U.K. and delivering technical training for a computer company, she had the opportunity to train some of the Prime Minister's 10 Downing Street staff.

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Mastering Negotiation Jiujitsu - 4 Ways to Close Your Wage Gap, Up-Level Your Career and Strengthen Relationships

Thursday, February 2, 2017
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Jamie Lee

Let's face it - the gender wage gap is real. It hasn't budged in over a decade and at its current rate, won't close until the year 2159.

So is gender blowback. To boldly ask for what you want is to walk a razor-thin edge because you risk your relationship with key decision makers.

In other words, you are "damned if you ask and damned if you don't."

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

There are concrete steps you can take to prevent gender blowback. You can learn and master negotiation jiujitsu so you can close your wage gap, up-level your career and strengthen relationships.

In this exclusive WITI webinar, Negotiation expert and She Negotiates consultant Jamie Lee will explore four concrete ways that ambitious women in technology can prevent gender blowback and confidently ask for what they want. You will learn:

- The core frameworks for collaborative negotiation
- How to retain and strengthen key relationships while making a compelling case for what you want
- How to use leverage to your best advantage without coming across as aggressive or greedy
- The negotiation mindset that results in win-win outcomes

Jamie Lee is a She Negotiates consultant, an award-winning Toastmasters speaker and pragmatic negotiation geek dedicated to helping women get bolder, braver and better paid. Through consulting, training and speaking, she helps women catapult their careers to the next level with a gutsy ask. She has helped her clients secure an additional $20K in a salary offer and start new businesses while strengthening key relationships. She has led hands-on workshops for Athena Center for Leadership at Barnard College, Smith College Leadership Conference, Baystate Health Women's Empowerment Summit, Essence Digital, and more.

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Leadership Style and Qualities That Will Take You From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Janet Janssen, coach, author, speaker

"To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart."

So what qualities and styles should we use and when? How can we speak with power, lead by example and communicate our big vision effectively?

In this webinar, you will:

- Learn 5 key concepts that will take you through a cyclical process to gain greater focus and direction.

- Explore what leadership style works best for you.

- Identify what qualities you can implement immediately to help you become extraordinary with your leadership skills.

Janet Janssen will help you to cultivate your leadership qualities, rejuvenate your passion and amplify your vision to help inspire and motivate your teams, bosses and relationships.

Janet Janssen founded her coaching and consulting business for one simple purpose - to help individuals realize, "Yes, you can", no matter the challenge. As a goal achievement coach, she has the ability to distill stories into what is "true." She helps professionals and teams discover, clarify, navigate and execute on real issues and find creative strategic and tactical solutions.

Janet is a contributing author to Manifest Change, National Education Chair of the Women's Networking Alliance, PCO (People Centric Organization) founding member, Toastmaster and public speaker. She is also a certified practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Master NLP and EFT meridian tapping. You can find out more at www.janetjanssen.com

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The Business Model of You!

Thursday, February 16, 2017
12-1PM PT (3-4PM ET)  |  FREE for WITI Members ($50 Nonmembers)

Presenter: Hillary Barnhart and Guests

In this fast-paced, interactive, one-hour webinar, Hillary Barnhart will guide you, step-by-step to craft your personal business model canvas where the key resource is YOU - your interests, skills, abilities, personality and the assets you own or control. Beyond just dollars and cents, your personal business model will take into account soft costs such as stress, and soft benefits such as recognition and satisfaction.

In this webinar you will:

- Clarify 9 building blocks that describe how you, as an individual, create, deliver and capture value.

- Consider how to better align your personal and career aspirations.

- Understand how to validate and confirm that your model will bring you the results you desire.

- Hear what three other women learned from developing their Business Model Canvas's and how it impacted their lives.

- Produce your own Business Model Canvas.

Hillary Barnhart is senior director of business operations and program management for a business unit within a high tech Fortune 500 company. Entrepreneurial, connected, results-oriented and passionate about innovation, she brings visions to life and gives life to visions; concept-to-market, quote-to-cash; process optimization, strategic turnarounds and business transformations. Hillary founded and leads an intrapraneurial venture for an augmented reality application, borne from an IoT pitch competition.

Hillary's experience includes 20+ years in pivotal roles in engineering, product management, operations, information technology, business development and marketing. She serves as the Network Director for the WITI WIN SEMI and is a Board Member with the Association for Corporate Growth Silicon Valley (ACGSV). She advises startups with gender-diverse teams, in building, growing and scaling their businesses. Her sweet spot is helping others to maximize their leadership potential. Hillary earned an MBA at Santa Clara University, a master's degree in industrial engineering and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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