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Loyalty Alliance, Inc. Loyalty Alliance, Inc.
Cindy Fields, President

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Categories: Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Insurance

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Loyalty Alliance, Inc. is a New York-based wealth advisory firm utilizing a unique, Old World approach to assist success-driven people and businesses to effectively build, protect, distribute and enjoy their wealth. Clients benefit from our traditional values, like attention to detail, follow-through, respect and courtesy, while receiving highly customized, sophisticated and needs-driven solutions. Client issues are addressed through industry specialists, state-of-the-art technology and project leadership. We utilize three scalable and customizable services, including: Financial Assessment - Analysis, Review and Coordination; Investment Management - Selection, Oversight and Reporting; and, Risk Mitigation & Insurance - Strategies and Resource Solutions. Addressing each client as an individual, our Old World approach to service distinguishes us in today's commodity-driven environment.

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