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12 Tips to Increase Your Productivity

253 Do you feel overwhelmed with your workload? In this day and age of doing more with less, we have too much to do in too little time. How can we slow down our frenetic pace and achieve our job goals without sacrificing our own well-being? Here are 12 tips to help you better manage your time and increase your productivity at work without stressing you out!

1. Have a clear understanding of your job responsibilities and expectations.
2. Know the priorities, i.e., which projects and tasks are most important. If not, then have a discussion with your boss.
3. Take five minutes at the beginning of your work day to plan your day.
4. Make a realistic list of tasks to complete each day.
5. Prioritize your task list based upon importance and urgency. Work on the most important things first.
6. Block out time on your calendar to complete important projects. Treat it like a meeting.
7. Close the door to your office and forward your phone to voicemail when working on high-priority projects.
8. Allow some flexibility in your schedule for the unexpected. Things will come up!
9. When asked to take on an additional project and your "plate is full", negotiate deadlines with your boss. Ask him or her to help you determine where this project is on the priority list.
10. Set a deadline for yourself as to when you will leave the office each day. You'll find that you make better use of your time, since you have limited time and are working toward a deadline.
11. Spend the last five minutes of each work day to review the day. Check off completed tasks and forward uncompleted tasks to the next day. By doing so, you'll go home with a sense of completion and be able to leave work at work and not think about it.
12. Don't take work home on the weekends. You need that time for family, friends, and household activities. Take time to relax and you'll come back to work refreshed and ready to work.

By practicing these tips, you'll become more productive and effective - and be able to reduce your stress level as well!

Kathleen Barton is a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and life coach specializing in life purpose, career success, and work-life balance. She is the author of Passport to Priorities: Your Road Map to Balanced Living. Kathleen can be reached at www.YourLifeBalanceCoach.com.