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Stress-Busters: 12 Ways to Renew Yourself

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Want to boost your productivity? Just as batteries need recharging, our minds and bodies need recharging as well. If you donít take the time to recharge, youíll likely experience burnout. Itís important to find ways to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves. By taking renewal breaks, youíll be more productive, effective and satisfied with your job.

What are some ways to renew yourself? Through vacations, daily personal time, and real-time renewal and relaxation breaks.


Some workaholics boast about not taking a vacation for years. Others take vacation, but stay in contact with work on a daily basis by checking voicemail and e-mail. This is not a real vacation! We need time to unwind and totally relax. Youíll come back feeling refreshed and with more energy to tackle your work. Give yourself the gift of time off work. The organization will survive without you for a week or two.

Daily Personal Time

Take some time each day just for yourself, even if itís just 15-20 minutes. Take time to pray, meditate or say affirmations. Spend time doing something you really enjoy, like reading or walking in nature. Do something that relaxes you, like soaking in a hot bath or enjoying a neck massage. Just 20 minutes will energize you and help you maintain a better frame of mind.