Battle Over Original Content: Netflix vs. Amazon

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The importance of original content among both Netflix and Amazon users is growing at a fast pace, and viewing habits of their subscribers provide further insights on this trend.

451 Research recently asked Amazon and Netflix subscribers what type of content they watch most often. A third of Netflix users (32%) say they watch original content most often, while 31% of Amazon Video users say the same.

Amazon Video subscribers shifted much more quickly toward original content than Netflix users have over the past two years:

Note among Hulu subscribers, TV shows (74%) remains the most frequently watched type of content.

Respondents were asked to rate satisfaction with several aspects of their streaming subscriptions.

Netflix (47% Very Satisfied) has a clear advantage in quality of original content over Amazon (36%). But their ratings have trended in opposite directions over the past year - Amazon Video has improved 6 points, while Netflix is down 3 points.

Hulu (22%) rates much lower, a likely reason why so few subscribers watch its original content.

Netflix (48%) and Amazon (48%) subscribers are also more satisfied with the quality of streaming video compared to Hulu customers (42%). The same is true for subscription price, with Amazon (33%) and Netflix (32%) ahead of Hulu (23%).

Frequency of Use and Satisfaction

Frequency of Use.
Streaming subscribers were asked how often they use each service, along with satisfaction levels.

Hulu (22%) has the highest percentage of subscribers saying they use it daily, not surprising as the company's appeal to customers remains its frequently updated library of current TV shows. Netflix (15%) comes in second, followed by Showtime (11%) and HBO Now (10%).

HBO Now subscribers are most likely to use the service weekly/several times a week (68%). This is expected since HBO's popular original content typically airs Sunday nights, thus updating its library once a week.

Satisfaction. In terms of satisfaction, the top services are grouped closely together - with HBO Now (40% Very Satisfied) holding a slight lead over Netflix (39%) and iTunes (36%).

Despite heavier daily use, Hulu customers (29%) are relatively less satisfied. That said, Hulu's Very Satisfied ratings have improved 14 points over the past two years.