Diversity in Mobile

Chanita Wesley

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We work in a highly dynamic, ever-changing industry. But unfortunately, there's one thing that is not keeping pace with change: There are not enough women working in the telecommunications sector, and certainly not in the most senior levels. Companies with a gender-diverse workforce are better able to innovate and outperform their competition. The gender gap is a critical issue that we must address, and programs like Women4Tech are helping us to move in the right direction.

Women4Tech is GSMA Ltd's new gender diversity program, designed to address the persistent gender gap in the mobile industry. Building on a successful launch at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, GSMA brings the Women4Tech program to Mobile World Congress Americas. Women4Tech supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 5 (gender equality).

Over the three days of #MWCA17, the Women4Tech events and activities will give attendees - women and men - insights on best practices and industry action for building the role of women in technology careers and for female leadership in the digital age.

A central element of the program is the Women4Tech Summit, scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, where senior leaders discuss integrating gender equality into the mainstream of our work environments and share strategic advice on how to empower gender diversity in mobile and related industries.

The Women4Tech Speed Coaching and Networking event, scheduled for Thursday, September 14, is designed to give you a fresh perspective on how to set effective career goals, enhance your leadership skills, and cultivate your professional opportunities. Expert coaches will guide you through a unique and innovative speed coaching journey.

Pave the way for gender diversity in the global mobile industry by joining Women4Tech at #MWCA17.

Check out Women4Tech here. Find more information on Women4Tech at Americas here.