Our Vote Today is a Vote for the Values We Want Our Country to Stand for

Carolyn Leighton

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As a first generation immigrant, the daughter of parents whose families escaped anti-Semitism in Russia and Poland, I ask each of you to look back at how your family came to America, and what America stood for to allow your families—and mine—into America before you vote Today.

Many of us will not have to look too many generations back to realize our families were members of their own caravan moving towards America—trying to escape mass murder, oppression, hunger, starvation.

Our families were fortunate enough to arrive at a time when we were welcomed, appreciated for what we could contribute, and valued because of what America stood for. No one accused our families of being rapists, murderers, bringing unwanted diseases—we were no different from the immigrants today, escaping the cruel, greedy, murderous dictators that made their lives unbearable—who would walk hundreds of miles with babies for any other reason?

Think about it!

So many never think about the fact that they would not be here, on American soil, were it not for the policies of Presidents who welcomed us, understood what we could contribute, and, most of all, understood why America was founded—by immigrants—in the first place!

Now, we stand in a moment of history where many of our leaders' rhetoric and policies are aligned with hateful dictators of the past.

How ignorant can it be that anyone entertains the thought that because they happened to be born with white skin that they are smarter, better, more entitled!

We all have different shades of skin and our outward appearance has nothing to do with our intelligence, our value, and our contribution.

Our vote is a vote for these very fundamental issues—no excuses—this is the time we must take a stand for what we believe as an individual, as a country.

Get out and vote today, and take as many people with you as you can.