Future of Work Needs Leaders Who Can Give Candid Feedback

Cheryl Cran

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To get to the fast-changing future is going to require a whole lot of willingness to hear things we might not want to hear. Future of work needs leaders who can give candid feedback.

I remember in my early banking career I had been through a series of bank robberies and my boss told me 'you are a lousy leader.'

Perhaps her words were a little harsh, but I can tell you it was excellent feedback at the time. I thought that because I handled myself well under pressure that I was a great leader. Carol pointed out to me that 'one skill' does not make a master leader that a master leader transfers skills and helps people go beyond the leader.

Check out this video clip excerpt from a keynote I delivered titled, "The Future of Work Is Now—Are You Ready?"

This article was originally published on NextMapping.

Cheryl Cran is a future-of-work expert and the founder of, future-of-work research and consulting firm that helps leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs be future-ready.

She is the author of six books, including her new one due out at the end of 2018 titled,
NextMapping—How Great Leaders Inspire People to Create the Future of Work.