Heading To The WITI Women in Technology Summit: June 9-11, 2019

Carolyn Leighton

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Dear WITI Community:

It's that time of year again - making plans to head to the WITI Summit the morning of June 8th.

I was reflecting this morning on why I look forward to so much to the WITI Summit, given the fact that I can be a total hermit! This year, the 25th Anniversary of WITI's Women in Technology Summit, will be my 25th Summit.

Many of you may not know that before the first WITI Women in Technology Summit, the only gatherings for professional women were small meetings, seminars, etc.

We felt it was important to establish a serious, industry level conference to showcase the talent and contributions women were making every day in technology.

At that time, whenever a company wanted to make a technology/business announcement to the press, they sent a man out to talk to the press, so much of the public believed the only women who worked for technology companies were secretaries.

In fact, there were seriously amazing women in science and technology working in these industries for decades - most often anonymous outside their immediate departments.

This 25th Anniversary Summit provides a unique opportunity to empower our community to fine tune their relationship building & strategic skills at sessions like Critical Thinking Circles, Innovation Circles, Coaching Circles, interactive workshops and panels. Unlike most conferences you may have attended, every session will be collaborative and interactive, because we know our group intelligence is far greater than any one person's genius.

To make it easier for you to join us, please use the promo code Carolyn when you register.

Looking forward to seeing you in June!

Carolyn Leighton
CEO/Founder WITI