How Do We 'Operationalize' Diversity and Inclusion For More Innovation... ?

Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming

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Most organizations now agree that diversity and inclusion drives business results. However, many still struggle to find the right combination of activities that drive sustaining change. What is the next step beyond inclusive bias training? How do you optimize the power (and business results) of diversity as your own team innovates?

D&I is becoming an old problem, one that needs a new lens. Among many research studies, one generated by Columbia University echoes that innovative thinking is needed to bring change into the diversity and inclusion conversation. What is needed is a new methodology for creative thinking. One that complements design thinking. One that actually forces inclusion into the creative process itself for stronger ideas. Ideas that your team created within the context of their ability and authority.

Join Propelle Leadership reps at the San Jose conference in June to learn first-hand how to bring new thinking to old problems. You will work through an innovation exercise to identify creative, new ways to look at some popular people & culture issues such as retention, attraction, and conflict-resolution.

We will focus on the innovation process pioneered by Dr. Jacob Goldenberg and popularized in the book 'Inside the Box'. You will walk away with a fresh approach to leverage in your own team for new ideas and more take-to-market outcomes, while you harness the power of diversity and engage new people in a new way.