Do I Need A Business Coach?

Madeleine Janz

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We all could use a helping hand from time to time but sometimes this support from within a business, or at home, can fall short. When this happens, hiring a business coach to hold you accountable to well-thought-out goals and projections can make the difference in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A business coach is not a mentor. They aren't paid to help you personally achieve goals that may have to do with a plethora of things from business to home. Your business advisor is solely focused on understanding your business practices and model to make it better in the long run. They look at your business from an eagle's eye perspective, away from the emotions you hold for what you've built or the politics that exist within. A business coach wants what's best for your business and will help you get there in whatever way makes sense for you and your employees. Have issues with your own time management or delegating? A business advisor can help you with that by making a detailed plan and tracking your progress.

It can be hard to envision new success and avenues for your own business, but this insight is exactly what a business coach can bring to the table. Business advisors typically have years of experience in their own field and can provide you with real life solutions to problems they may have experienced, too. Unlike a mentor, a business advisor focuses on actionable plans that can be written out and understood by everyone on a team. They hold every member of the team, but especially the boss, accountable for not letting the business slip into the same old routine.

If you're having a problem with delegating, finding solutions, or planning the next steps, a business coach can help you through it. Business advisors typically meet with their clients weekly or monthly to check in on progress and address new questions or problems. With a business coach, you cannot fall off track, and cannot lose sight of your end goal. They will track your progress and keep you updated on how you're doing in ways self-accountability never can. Business advisors can also help you generate new ideas or answer questions you may have for expanding or changing your business.

If you're looking for the happy medium between a mentor, a consultant, and an advisor, look into getting a business coach. They may just help you take your business into more success and less stress.

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