Designing your Life & Leveraging the Power of WITI

Carolyn Leighton

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Each of us has two choices as we shape the journey of our lives. We can let life happen, or we can proactively design our lives with the conscious understanding that every decision we make shapes the meaning, or meaninglessness, of our journey.

Ask yourself this question: what do I want my life to look like when I turn 80 and look back at the choices I have made? Are decisions I am making today supporting the outcome I want to happen?

That is precisely the question I asked myself when I was about to turn 30 and struggling with some major decisions about my own life. I asked myself what I wanted my life to look like when I was 80. I decided then and there that I would accept no less than following my authentic self, my passion, and whatever I did, I wanted to contribute and make a positive difference.

Every decision we make weaves a meaningless or meaningful journey; we make better decisions when we become fully conscious of the choices we are making and the impact we want to have.

I want to inspire you to become fully engaged in WITI. The intention of WITI at founding and now has always been to provide our members with a powerful platform to reach higher, contribute more through an amazing network of smart, talented colleagues committed to helping each other succeed. Through this process of collaboration, together we will create more opportunities for women to lead companies and countries around the world.

As Daniel Goleman perfectly describes in his book Emotional Intelligence at Bell Labs, the person most effective at achieving his and his team's goals was not the person with the most impressive resume, but the one who had taken the time to build relationships, establish a network of trusted colleagues and collaborators, so he could reach out and time critical information from his network.

That was the intention behind starting WITI in 1989—to give each of you that competitive edge through a trusted network of colleagues and collaborators—and a central, powerful benefit today.

The WITI platform was created to create more women as leaders and to help you fully contribute your gifts. I encourage you to explore how you can leverage your participation in WITI.

Thank you!

Carolyn Leighton
CEO, Chairwoman & Founder, WITI