WITI Webinars

Carolyn Leighton

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I make a point of adding WITI Webinars to my schedule because the quality of the presenters and the information provided is so valuable. I especially like the fact that the information becomes so customized because all participants can type in questions specific to our needs - and other participants can see the questions and answers during the webinar.

For example, yesterday's webinar about The Basics of Intellectual Property: copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, presented by Erica Bristol, Esq, an attorney and commercial mediator specializing in Intellectual Property and Business Contracts/Transactional disputes, was outstanding! I had met Erica at the 2013 WITI Summit and encouraged her to present a webinar about the Basics of Intellectual Property to our members, since the consequences of not understanding the basics can put an individual and a company in serious legal jeopardy. Erica presented the information clearly and provided a number of resources if we wished to do things on our own and gave us some guidelines as to when consulting an attorney made sense.

There were so many useful gems in this webinar - how to protect your own and your company's intellectual property; for example, did you know that if you don't apply for a patent during the first year of your product being on the market, the chances of successfully obtaining a patent reduces greatly?

We know knowledge is power, and being able to sit at our laptops and increase our knowledge and insights from WITI Experts is priceless. I encourage you to take advantage of these outstanding webinars - free to WITI members. And, if you missed one, you can go into the members area and watch the recordings!

WITI is committed to delivering critical knowledge to give you the competitive edge you need to lead competently and successfully.