WITI Membership Benefits

Deb Stark

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Did you know that a benefit of WITI membership is to take advantage of partner events in one's region? For example, if you have always wanted to attend a Gartner Symposium ITXPO, you would save $500 off the standard registration fee by registering as a WITI member.

As the regional director for WITI Boston, our team has forged alliances and partnerships with several organizations. These groups share our mission to advance women in technology and mentor the younger generation as well. Here is the latest on our progress this year.

1. SIM (Society of Information Management) and WITI (Women in Technology International) are developing ways to encourage more women to enter the profession and help current members advance their careers. WITI members may attend SIM monthly events at the SIM member rate (use 2013-WITI). SIM Boston is the largest chapter in the country and is hosting their national conference this year, SIMposium Nov. 10-12 in Boston. If you are interested in additional networking opportunities with your colleagues at SIM, we encourage you to attend a meeting or contact your local Boston SIM representative.

2. WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology) and WITI (Women in Technology International) have an alliance as both organizations share a very similar mission of developing women in the enterprise of Science and Technology. WEST and WITI are interested in facilitating the interaction between both organizations in order to enrich opportunities and provide women in the fields of Science and Technology with inspiration, knowledge, and connections. WEST members will be able to attend the local programs and events provided by WITI at the WITI member rate (and vice versa). WITI members should use the code "WITI2013" to obtain the member rate which averages $35 vs $55 per meeting.

3. Boston Girl Geek Dinners ("The result of one geek, tired of being the only girl & having to constantly prove herself, who decided to go find more of her kind, and invite them to dinner.") has partnered with WITI, with the goal of enriching its membership and extending their professional network. Both organizations are hopeful that through this new partnership we will find ways to encourage more women to enter technology professions and enable members to advance their careers and reach their full potential.

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