In Memoriam: Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Carolyn Leighton

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Today, we remember a great man, Nelson Mandela.

A man who devoted his life to taking a stand against prejudice, injustice for all people who happened to be born with a different skin color; against, all the people who, with a reprehensible sense of entitlement, believe that each person who looks and acts differently from themselves must be punished; against individuals who use power to destroy, rather than build.

What better way to honor our own principles than to resolve every single day that each of us will never again stay silent when we witness any level of prejudice against any person because of his/her differences.

I am so proud that WITI stands for warmly welcoming, affirming and treating with equal respect each person who walks into a WITI event regardless of their title, ethnic background, the clothes they wear, their differences. That is the only kind of organization I ever want to join and central to everything we stand for!