The Risk Advantage - Embracing the Entrepreneur's Mindset in a Corporate World

Tom Panaggio

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The Risk Advantage - Embracing the Entrepreneur's Mindset in a Corporate World

Risk is the unwavering, self-motivating willingness to step outside your comfort zone and that separates leaders from the rank and file. Risk is what provides you with an edge over your competition, and it keeps you from falling prey to your own obsolescence. I have discovered that risk is eternally linked to opportunity; the only way to take advantage of an opportunity is to accept the associated risks. My objective for members of the WITI community is to help them build an effective leadership strategy while guiding them on a personal journey toward success. For you the risk advantage is an unexpected ally that can give you an edge over those who are committed to the erroneous theory of risk avoidance.

Tom's Title
Tom Panaggio is an entrepreneur and Author of The Risk Advantage

Tom's Bio
Tom has enjoyed a thirty-year entrepreneurial career as cofounder of two successful direct marketing companies. As a result, he can give a true perspective on starting and running a small business. His practical approach to business concepts and leadership is grounded in the belief that success is the result of a commitment to embracing risk as a way to ensure opportunity.

In 1983 he cofounded Direct Mail Express (DME) in Daytona Beach, Florida, with his siblings Mike and Kathy. DME has always been on the leading edge of marketing technology and is still recognized as an industry leader in personalized digital marketing.

As CEO of spin-off RME in Tampa, Florida, Tom headed a company that created the most effective lead-generation program in the financial services industry. RME revolutionized financial services marketing with its Seminar Success program, a marketing system that has created billions in sales for their clients.

Originally from Rochester, New York, and a 1980 graduate of St. Bonaventure University, Tom has always been involved in athletic competition. With his father, Mauro, being a successful basketball coach, that game has always played an important role in Tom's development. He was also a member of the St. Bonaventure varsity soccer team.

Today Tom lives in Tampa with his wife, Shemi. When he's not speaking or advising entrepreneurs and small businesses, he's spending time with his family - his four daughters, Ashley, Christine, Elizabeth, and Melara.

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