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Tracie Dean Ponder

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The Women In Technology Foundation's (501c3) B~STEM Project is designed to educate young girls and women about the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math in business and every day life.

We utilize an interdisciplinary model by integrating business, technology, STEM and other disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real world application in all professional industries.

Because we take a holistic approach with business and technology at the forefront it allows us to expand our reach and expose young girls and women to a vast range of career opportunities. Although STEM is at the foundation of our mission, we understand that we must have a broader scope to ensure we build empower and inspire all young girls and women regardless of career path.


B~STEM Project Ambassadors are young girls and women who make a one year commitment to help further our mission by sharing their talents and invaluable insights.

Ambassadors volunteer for B~STEM Project's programs and initiatives as well as develop ideas. They also participate in business and technology related events in their communities. Our ambassadors are passionate and committed to learning and inspiring other young girls and women to become interested STEM careers and other industries.

Being an Ambassador is a dynamic way for the B~STEM Project to put the core principles of our mission into action. During this time our Ambassadors have a chance to travel and participate in events locally, across the nation and even internationally. They also gain an opportunity to receive school supplies, technology or stipends to help support their educational endeavors.


With the leadership of AB Member Lauren States the B~STEM Project is partnering with the International House to bring the WITI Girl Power Bootcamp to NYC in the summer of 2016.

The WITI Girl Bootcamp invites participants to attend an intensive 7-day business tech development program. The primary goal of the program is to provide a unique experience in building a business that utilizes technology to enrich global communities. The event will culminate with pitch presentation to a panel of esteemed judges. It's a great experience fro young girls and women to not just learn about how to build a business but skillsets and relationships.


We're bringing together dynamic individuals of international reputation with a strong commitment to creating opportunity through interdisciplinary educational empowerment.

Members not only understand the social imperative of helping young girls and women acquire a broad range of skills but take an active role in fostering their personal and professional growth.

Members have been invited from various industries with attention to the B~STEM Project's areas of core emphases:

Each member's primary purpose is to:

- Advise and evaluate programs and initiatives
- Give input for planning and execution
- Increase student and professional participation
- Share resources and insights
- Ensure integration of organization's priorities
- Provide assistance in marketing

Through our shared commitment board members facilitate whenever possible and serve as B~STEM Project evangelists.

Each member invests time in the following way:

- Periodic one-on-one calls and e-mails
- Reading and responding to bi-monthly newsletter updates
- Participating in 3 yearly group calls
- Introducing the B~STEM Project to colleagues
- Attending annual B~STEM Symposium held during WITI's annual summit in San Jose, CA

We're excited to announce some of our esteemed advisory board members and we truly appreciate your commitment to making a great impact in the world by fostering emerging talent.


We invite you to visit the B~STEM Project website for more exciting information and stay tuned for the development of our dynamic on-line community.

We're Going Virtual
We are currently designing B~STEM Project on-line, a vibrant global community affording our members access to business tech related articles, blogs and video content and a myriad of opportunities like hackathons, webinars and educational apps. Members can contribute their insights, share content, network, find mentors and more. It's a place where young girls and women discover and develop their talents, expand their knowledge and become fearless when it comes to engaging, learning and excelling both personally and professionally.

Building Communities
B~STEM Project off-line offers access to a host of exclusive events and programs like bootcamps, workshops, tech design labs, pitch-a-thons, community building projects and corporate educational tours.

Our overall mission is to create life-changing experiences. We are equally committed to reaching underrepresented demographics ensuring that all young girls and women have an opportunity to participate. Becoming a member of the B~STEM Project is free but the experience is priceless.


We know that today technology is central to all aspects of business. Thus, the core of the B~STEM Project's programs is a fusion of business, technology with a keen focus on leadership.

We take a comprehensive approach whether from a developer, customer or operational standpoint. Participants explore an array of industries and topics with guidance from leading industry professionals and mentors.


B~STEM Project launch event will feature a host of premiere companies and professionals spotlighting the latest technology including mini hands-on workshops with cool information sessions. It's a dynamic way to bring the B~STEM Project to the community as well as get young girls and women excited about their educational and professional goals.

Check out our upcoming 2015 ~ 21016 programs and initiatives


Now that we've shared the many great programs and initiatives on the horizon, its time to discuss how together we can accomplish our mission.

To run all of our exciting programs and initiatives at full speed the WITI Foundation plans to raise funds through corporate sponsorships, securing grants and individual donations.

There are many ways to lend your support. Here are some of the resources we need to help us achieve our goals:

- Connections to sponsors who will commit to 1 of our 4 levels: Legacy, Build, Empower, Inspire or an individual program (we will provide sponsorship deck)

- Introductions to people who might be a valuable resources to sponsors, grant opportunities, technology donations, free space to host programs or events and viable partnerships.

- Ways to help market the B~STEM Project to young girls and women, parents, companies and community at large while elevating the brand.

- Helping to design and execute effective strategies to promote the B~STEM Project.

- Take a leading role in spearheading one of the programs.

If you have any questions or thoughts please do not hesitate to call the Executive Director, Tracie Dean Ponder (818) 692 ~ 9375 or send an e-mail to [email protected]