Are Business Books an Overlooked Key to Success?

Adam Witty

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Innovation is the marrow that keeps an organization thriving, says Adam Witty, who has blazed a path in recent years as one of "America's coolest young entrepreneurs," according to INC. Magazine.

"Sometimes, a term is used so often that you have to wonder whether it still retains meaning, but I think innovation describes something that's essential for business-minded dreamers who live in the real world," says Adam Witty, the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group, The Business Growth Publisher™.

"We know that books empower readers, but what many overlook is how books empower authors—it gives experts further say as the ultimate authority in their space," says Witty, whose company helps busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals create, publish, and market a book to grow their business.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional speakers, attorneys, doctors, financial advisors, coaches, philanthropists and many more all either ascend or descend based on their credibility. A book is an innovative way to leverage one's expertise and tip the scales in a favorable direction. Witty explains.

Turn clients into fans. The most profitable companies in the world boast the most fanatical clients and customers. Think about Apple, which does many things well. One of them is servicing the customer first. And Apple excels in communicating its mission to its audience. A book does both of those things. Profiting from book sales is not the point; you will have serviced readers with information, which may be free, and gotten across your messaging simply by having a book available.

Expand your gravitas. Positioning yourself as the go-to person in your field may seem like a hopeless task considering the sheer amount of competition there is vying for everyone's attention.

Work, school, children, TV, social media, and the endless sea of websites keep most people engaged at nearly every turn. Published authors, however, are part of .04 percent of the global population, which is a nice differentiation rate considering most professionals today have websites.

Earn quantity and quality. A goldmine of new customers come from referrals, which spend an average of five times more with businesses than a customer acquired through general marketing or advertising. Most profitable businesses report that much more than 70% of new clients result from referrals made by current customers. Referrals involve a trusted recommendation from a family member or friend, who validates a business with the currency of trust.

"Nearly every expert I've worked with has seen a dramatic increase in their referrals," Witty says. "Books are an investment. If someone reads your book—or simply knows you have one—you become part of that currency of trust."

Talk it out! Of course, successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other experts are smart and have plenty of insightful things to say, but getting it down just right in book form is time-consuming. At least, it used to be.

"Our popular Talk Your Book® program has helped hundreds of experts," he says. "Over the course of 10 hours, a project editor interviews authors-to-be by phone. Our editorial team then transcribes ideas, transforming them into a manuscript."

Adam Witty is the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group, the business growth publisher™. Throughout the past decade, he worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals to help them create, publish, and market a book to grow their business.

Adam was featured on
ABC and Fox and selected for INC. Magazine's 30 Under 30 list of "America's coolest young entrepreneurs" in 2011.

Adam is an in-demand speaker, teacher, and consultant on marketing and business development techniques for entrepreneurs and authors and is a frequent guest on the acclaimed extreme entrepreneurship tour. He is the vice chair of the board of directors of Youth Entrepreneurship South Carolina.