Got A Chip In Your Windshield? No Sweat.


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Got A Chip In Your Windshield? No Sweat.

Don't just take our word for it - windshield repair is a breeze, according to GEICO policyholders.

"Our customers are delighted that we offer windshield repair service to them at no charge," says John Little, an assistant vice president at GEICO. "With comprehensive coverage on your policy, we waive the deductible for damage that can be repaired."

If you have a small chip, nick or crack in your windshield, we can send a professional repair technician to your home or office. Just give us a call and we'll make all the necessary arrangements.

"Repairing the windshield protects its structural integrity," says Little. "It is important to have the damage repaired as quickly as possible to prevent the chip or crack from spreading." Chips must be smaller than a quarter, and cracks must be smaller than a dollar bill to be repairable.

Why use GEICO's windshield repair?

It's convenient. You don't have to take time off work or rent a car while the repair is being completed. A technician will come to your home or place of work and do the repair on the spot.

It's quick. The repair is done while you wait. In most cases, that means approximately 30 minutes.

It's inexpensive. The deductible for windshield repair is waived if you carry comprehensive coverage.

You can avoid other problems. Replacing a windshield, instead of repairing it, involves breaking the original factory seal. That can make the area around the windshield more prone to leaks, which can lead to additional problems.

You can help protect the environment. Because a layer of laminate is fused to windshield glass, it's more difficult to recycle. By repairing your existing windshield, disposal isn't an issue.

Customer Testimonials

"I recently had a crack in my windshield from a rock on the freeway. I set up my claim online, scheduled an appointment, and the next day my windshield was repaired in my driveway so I never had to leave. You guys rock! Thanks again!"

- Gina K. from Ohio

"Called in due to a crack in my windshield. Called the glass center direct, was on the phone with a rep in about three minutes and off the phone in another two! Appointment was scheduled at a Safelite repair facility and the glass used to replace my windshield was better than the original Nissan glass that came with my car. Best of all it cost me nothing thanks to full glass coverage! GEICO knows what it means to make business easy, efficient, and cost effective. I wouldn't even consider switching to another insurance carrier."

- Frank H. from New York

"Right after I purchased my Infiniti, I had a little rock vs. windshield action. I called GEICO and they told me they would cover the chip ... Safelite auto glass was there the next day and took care of it! Very pleased with GEICO. I vouch for their integrity as a company and I DO RECOMMEND GEICO 100%!"

- Graham H. from Arizona

If your vehicle's glass is damaged, you can report your glass claim online or via the GEICO Mobile app, and schedule a convenient repair appointment, or call 1-800-510-2291.