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WITI News Staff

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The 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance is happy to announce our continued partnership with Women in Technology International.
Who We Are:
The 451 Alliance is a member-driven 'think tank' comprised of a worldwide network of highly-qualified enterprise technology and IT professionals. We are the survey research network of 451 Research conducting our work on a variety of IT verticals.

What We Do:

What We Do:
The Alliance tracks changes in corporate IT and digital infrastructure technologies well in advance of other sources and reports findings directly to its members. In return for spending just a few minutes a month participating in a brief online survey in your areas of expertise, members get a subscription to our weekly report series and our bi-weekly newsletter. These reports and newsletter provide vital research on many topics including cloud computing, data center technologies, application management, virtualization, information security, and much more.

For More Information:
Watch this short video explaining the program.

Michelle Bailey
SVP, Digital Infrastructure
451 Research

Thanks to our continued partnership, we are excited to offer WITI members complimentary membership in the 451 Alliance.