5 Cool Gadgets for Tweens and Teens


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Tweens and teens are as accustomed to technology as boomers are to bell-bottoms and groovy hairstyles. Here, we take a look at some of the most useful and interesting tech toys for teens.

Polaroid Zip

Print that selfie - instantly! This pint-sized printer allows you to print photos via Bluetooth or NFC technology. That means the sweet picture you just took can be in your hands in a minute. The sticky backing gives you the option to hang it up immediately.

AR Drone 2.0

Made by Parrot, this flying machine is possibly the coolest thing a teen can get his or her hands on. Control the drone using your phone and watch it take flight. View everything in 3-D as the drone - capable of capturing photos and HD video - soars in the sky.

Hexoskin Junior

This shirt will help the budding sports star in your family go even further. The sensors in the Hexoskin Junior provide data on training, daily activities and sleep. Everything is measured in real time, giving you valuable metrics, and the shirt can also help younger athletes avoid injuries.

Dash & Dot

The Dash & Dot robots could be a great addition to any family. Using an app, they put you through the paces with a variety of games that combine music and movement and guide you toward developing your very own applications.


Fine, so this isn't specifically targeted at tweens and teens - it's for animal lovers of all ages. But it's easy to see how your kids could get a kick out of it. The PetCube camera app keeps you connected with your pets, allowing you to watch, talk and play with them from anywhere that has an Internet connection. You can also use the app to share video and photos, and meet other pet lovers.

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