Decoded: An Introduction

Sonali Kondapalli

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In 1984, 37% of computer programmers were women. That number has steadily dropped since then to an appalling 11% in 2015. In the media, we rarely hear about the role of women in technology, although we have always been at the forefront of the latest and greatest advancements in the industry.

It is beneficial to be reminded of the computing greats, like Margaret Hamilton and Ada Lovelace, but it is equally as inspiring to hear about smart, powerful women that are carving unique paths in our modern society. There is no doubt that the next leading woman in technology could be—or perhaps already is—you!

All you need is a little inspiration to set your mind working toward your goals. Whether it's trying to bring your creative ideas to fruition, to nab that employee of the month award, or to create the next Fortune 500 technology company. From developing new uses for drones to revolutionizing third-world countries, women are doing great things, and each woman's accomplishments inspire us to better ourselves.

Not only do women contribute greatly to technology, but are also affected greatly by it as consumers. Many companies use specialized marketing tactics aimed at women as social media affects us in many different ways. Throughout "Decoded" we will explore rarely explored topics and also discuss common problems that women encounter while interacting with the technology industry, such as stereotypes and sexism.

"Decoded" is intended to be an informational, helpful, and occasionally eye-opening series. We will be revealing undiscovered yet fantastic ideas by women examining phenomena of the technology industry and sharing advice on navigating frequently encountered problems in the workplace.

"Decoded" is written by Sonali Kondapalli. Through sleuthing, interviewing, and intensive research, each article will be crafted with the utmost care. She is a high school student invested in a career in Computer Science and has been playing with code and computers for most of her life. She has attended conferences on subjects like Augmented Reality to stay abreast of the latest in technology. In her free time, she loves to write short stories, poems, and of course now WITI articles. Loaded with information and popular culture, "Decoded" will be an adventure! Stay tuned and please share interesting articles with your family and friends.