Security Technology: The Two-Way Radio

Kylie Janoso

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Security teams of all kinds depend on clear communication. To achieve reliable communication, security relies on the technology of the two-way radio. While the world is full of new technologies, Police today still rely on these radios heavily.

The two-way radio has many features that provide security assistance. The immediate communication between dispatch and other security team members allows for immediate knowledge of a security situation. The two-way radio provides clear and quick communication. An officer simply presses a button to convey a message to other radio users. These radios can also facilitate groups of radio users. This way, important messages need not to be repeated, saving time, and increasing efficiency.

These radios are completely mobile and can be used and carried around a large-scale high-security event. Certain types of two-way radios also include GPS systems to track the locations of officers and their security team members.

Using these radios at large scale events such as the Super Bowl, allow for security to be one cohesive unit, even when spreading over a large venue and the surrounding areas. An officer working outside the stadium can be in direct contact with an officer working on the field. This way, if a situation did arise, police can quickly resolve it promptly.

While security teams rely on many different kinds of tools and technology, these radios are among the most important. Clear communication allows officers to keep contact to better protect the public and fellow officers as well. Security teams all over depend on the communication only provided by these two-way radios.