Security Technology: Surveillance Cameras

Kylie Janoso

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Surveillance cameras are without a doubt a major tool used by security teams. Surveillance cameras allow security to survey areas at one time. The use of cameras helps police with the investigation and resolution of crime.

Security cameras can clearly survey an area day or night due to night vision technology. The night vision technology allows the camera to adapt to the darkened surroundings, using other sources of surrounding light to create a clearer image of the area in the dark. Along with night vision features, some cameras can tilt, rotate, and digitally zoom. Each type of camera is carefully selected and considered depending on how and where each camera will be used.

Recent security camera technology also allows police to use a feature called facial recognition. It has been reported that facial recognition isn't exactly a new feature, but it has been updated over time. Facial recognition works by analyzing personal characteristic through a digital system, focusing on physical features. Some things measures include the distance between the eyes, measurement of the jaw, and the measurement of the nose. Once some physical features are captured, security technology creates a template form the features captured. This is then put into a facial database to look for matches.

Similarly, these cameras can also be used to perform license plate recognition as well. These cameras use types of reflective lenses and are programmed to focus on numerical values. It has been reported that these cameras can capture a license plate of a vehicle traveling at high rates of speed and long distances.

It's clear that security cameras are made for multiple uses, each with their distinct technology. While they differ, they all are used for the same common goal- safety. These cameras act as an extra pair of eyes for police and safety officials. They are uses to investigate, solve, and sometimes anticipate crime. This technology truly is one of the most important tools security teams utilize.