Why Lessons as an Immigrant Shape You Differently and How They Apply to Innovation

Michelle Bazargan CEO, Founder Align Innovations

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You think it could never happen to you... I want you to imagine how you would feel if you and your family had to leave everything you know. Overnight with no plan, pack one bag, and leave it all behind. Imagine surviving a terrifying journey of fleeing a country in the middle of a war.

Could you do it? If you survive that kind of struggle how would it shape you differently today? From 1st generation to 100th generation someone in your family took the risk of Re-Invention for you.

Recently reporter Marcia Pounds of the SunSentinel did a great job capturing a small glimpse of my families' journey. Sun Sentinel Article - Innovation

Those that know me well know I push the envelope, and love to be a change catalyst. Most don't know the driver behind it is the struggles which make my baseline and perspective completely different. Here are some of the lessons that being an immigrant teaches you. As a leader managing and inspiring anyone with this type of a background is a completely different ball game but the rewards can be tenfold.