Spring Cleaning Hacks


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By Greg Marsh

Ah, spring! Time of renewal, rebirth and re ... moving the clutter we've accumulated during the dreary winter months.

Many people look forward to the spring cleaning process eagerly, and jump right into it the moment they see that first daffodil poking up out of the soil. The rest of us ... well, let's just say we'd rather watch some hockey or college basketball. Heck, we'd even rather do our taxes. And if we're going to dust off anything, it'll be our golf clubs, tennis rackets or softball cleats.

Sooner or later, though, it'll be time to purge that old stuff we just don't have room for anymore, to clean out winter's ashes from the fireplace, and generally spruce up our environment so that when the warmer temperatures really set in, we'll be able to get out there and enjoy them guilt-free.

So break out the brooms, vacuums and dusters! But before you shift into cleaning mode, check out these spring cleaning hacks from Listotic and Lifescript. Give your car a spruce-up as well with our spring cleaning tips for your car and your boat.

And don't limit your spring cleaning efforts to your home. It's a great time to reassess other aspects of your life, such as your wardrobe or finances, and see if maybe they could use some freshening up as well. You might be able to save some money on your insurance, for example. And wouldn't that be a fine way to kick off your spring - whether you're cleaning or not!