Event Recap: WITI Japan Establishment Commemoration

WITI News Staff

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Event Overview

WITI -- Women In Technology International is a support organization from the United States. Our event, held at Microsoft in Shinagawa, was to commemorate the new Japan branch.

The event garnered 100 people.

We invited Mr. Ito Kurata of Microsoft and Mr. Fujiko Ishiguro of Net Year Group to our keynote lecture and discussed viewpoints on career lists and entrepreneurs active in the company, not only for women but also for men.

David Leighton, the CEO of WITI, kicked off the event. We have received celebratory comments on the establishment of the Japan branch.

Message from David Leighton

In the story of Ito Hirasa who is active as an executive officer at Microsoft

In the story of Fuji Ishiguro, President and CEO of Net Year Group

After receiving the event / social gathering, we received delightful feedback from many people