S.T.O.P: Recovering from the Holiday Season

Judy Peebles

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'Tis the season.

As if we don't have enough on our plates, add in the holiday season and our inflated expectations of ourselves and others, this can lead to a lot of stress.

Learn tips and techniques to make better choices, lower your stress and have fun during this holiday season.

Handle the Holidays

It is "that" time once again -- we get to enjoy the excited anticipation for what the New Year of 2017 will bring, take a few moments to S.T.O.P.


This is an exercise that I recommend all my clients complete as we transition from one calendar year to the next.

Successes - Make a list of all your successes and achievements this year. From major accomplishments to small silly things. Celebrate everything you've done that you are proud of. If it makes it easier, imagine you are your best friend and he or she is reminding you of what an amazing year you've had. What have you learned this year? How have you impacted others? What obstacles have your overcome? To make this exercise easier next year, start a Success Journal to record your daily successes.

Thanks - What are you thankful for today? Expressing gratitude for the blessings you received this year. This is something that you can write every day. Even keep a separate journal for your blessings or gratitudes.

Opportunities - What are the opportunities you can imagine ahead of you next year and beyond? What are your dreams? What will you keep doing? What do you need to do differently? Create the vision in your future. Write down all the things you would like to do - skydiving, singing lessons; places you would like to visit; and people you would like to meet. Write that book. Take a step up the career ladder; transition into a new industry or start you own business.

Plan - Now that you have your vision - How will you begin to achieve your goals next year and beyond? Start now to plan your year ahead. You don't have to know all the details. Start at the end and work backwards. Or at least begin with one small step in the direction of your dreams.

Wishing you joy and prosperity in 2017 and beyond.

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