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WITI Strategist Newsletter publishes material from staff writers, members, freelancers, end-users, executives and corporate communications writers. We are interested in empowering information on Technologies, Leadership, Businesses, Sciences, and Math. We also seek media (content, webcasts, podcasts etc.) which spotlights who are forging a successful and inspirational path for themselves and those who will come after them.

We will accept editorials, opinions, and interviews with the context written through an academically devised method. This will keep personal life out of the experience and create a stronger foothold for our readers.

WITI Strategist has a content contribution series where the author will commit to submitting a series of specific media (articles, webcasts, podcasts etc… the author chooses) for a lump amount of time (three months, six months, once a quarter. This is a flexible period of time which grants us the ability to work with the author's schedule). Should you wish to contribute to a Series, follow the same guidelines for submitting articles only make sure to post CONTENT CONTRIBUTION SERIES in the Subject line of your submission email.

Here are some things you should consider:

Submission Guidelines

You are welcome to query the managing editor to see if your idea fits our magazine. The best way is by email. Be sure to leave an email clearly describing the proposed article with the subject line of "ARTICLE PROPOSAL: TITLE", (or submit abstract)* and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Contact information is listed below. (If you have a completed article you wish to submit, don't bother to query just send it.)

Formatting and Photographs:

The submission must include:

If you are submitting for a Content Contribution Series we will also need:


The author's biography should be about 75 words. These may include present position, titles, areas of professional expertise, experience, research interests, major publications, degrees, etc.


When submitting write SUBMISSION: TITLE in the subject line of the email. Not all submissions will be accepted. There will be a 2 week grace-period for the response time.

WITI will send a response to all emails received that follow the proper guidelines posted above. If guidelines are not followed we will delete the email and move onto the next submission.

Rights and Privileges:

WITI is seeking original content. The rights will stay with the author. We ask to not publish the piece for 10 days after it has gone live on the WITI Strategist and if the author does find another place of publications to credit WITI with the first publication. This is a non-paying, contracted site which will expose the article to the WITI Network and its social media sites of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Contact information

Content Manager: Brooke Lazar