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Six reasons why you need a purpose to lead
By Will Marré

I think we should face the fact that most of our efforts at leadership development have failed. Although billions have been invested over the last 50 years and tens of thousands of books written to promote better leadership, there is virtually no evidence that leaders are any better today than they were five decades ago.   Read More

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By Julie Miller & Brian Bedford

We've been thinking a lot about choices lately. We are not nave enough to think that all choices are clear-cut or even voluntary. We know that there are circumstances where they are not.   Read More

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Chick Techtechtive Episode 1
By C.T. Ech

"It was 2 in the morning and quiet." I thought to myself. Again picturing the opening scene for the book I will never write about the technology crimes I have seen. I have a tendency to do that at 2 in the morning.   Read More