Customer service

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Stand in Your Own Line: Knowing the Customer Experience
By Tom Panaggio

We became intrigued with the idea of standing in our own line. It was time to holistically evaluate the customer experience, to take a closer look, and to see if we were, in fact, doing it the right way.   Read More

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How to Improve Your Customer Service
By Drew Hendricks

Let's start by stating the obvious. Customers are the heart of a business, and customer service is important. But how important is customer service in the digital age?   Read More

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Are You Actually Listening to Your Customers? Three Ways You Can Do It
By Larry Alton

It's easy to assume that everything is under control within the four walls of a company. However, when it comes to the tech industry, few things are more dangerous than assuming everything is known. The marketplace is talking—are you listening?   Read More