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How You and Hillary Can Win
By Will Marré

Do ever you wonder what the world would be like if half of our world leaders, military commanders, parliaments, and cabinets were composed of women? Would the world be more prosperous, more educated, less violent, less environmentally destructive, more... well, better?   Read More

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Discussing Undiscussables... the New Leadership Frontier?
By Dana Brownlee

As a witness to one of the most raucous and fascinating political seasons, I can't help but notice significant leadership lessons to be learned by all. Indeed, this year's race has seemingly been a resounding rejection of "the establishment" as evidenced by the alarming surge/success of arguably the most unlikely candidates—namely Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.   Read More

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In Memoriam - Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010
By Carolyn Leighton

Whether liberal or conservative, as a woman, it would be challenging not to be deeply touched by the life and the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. As you may know, Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday, December 7th, at the age of 61 - much too young for someone who had so much to give the world!   Read More