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My Wedding Speech - What a Reaction!
By Will Marré

My middle daughter got married this weekend. It was absolutely wonderful... we love and respect the man she married. We love the family that she married into. Even the wedding photographer remarked this wedding had the best "vibe" he had ever been to.   Read More

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Managing the
By Dana Brownlee

The Problem--Sherry couldn't stop thinking about her last team meeting as she walked down the hall towards her office. Slamming her office door behind her, she let out an exasperated scream and looked for something the punch! Her team was driving her absolutely crazy and she channeled Scarlett O'Hara as she proclaimed, "I will never run a meeting like that again!"   Read More

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Inspire Your Company to Give Back
By Continuum Managed Services LLC

In 2012, Continuum established the Continuum Veterans Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing financial support to charities focused on helping veterans find jobs in IT. With the season of giving upon us, we're making our annual commitment to veterans through outreach efforts in our Boston, Pittsburgh and Houston offices.   Read More

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Michael Neuendorff on Habits that Lead to Success
By Julia Miglets

To seek success requires courage. That doesn't come naturally to most people because we are weary of the unknown. As much as we like to say it's a great thing we live in a society that doesn't embrace failure. It comes down to human nature and the innate fears that come along with it.   Read More

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Thought Leader Spotlight: Patricia David

As part of The Azara Group's monthly newsletter, we select a business leader to share insights about leadership, being an influence, and career development. Our objective is to help support your ability to flourish as a leader and share what makes people thrive in business.   Read More

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By Chris Makell

You set your schedule, you booked the right meetings, you knew exactly what to say to move people to action and as a result, it led to your role as a leader today. Your team, however, may not have the exact same focus, energy and commitment that you had and your frustration is starting to show.   Read More