2004 National Conference


Moving Powerfully into the Future
2004 National Conference
June 8 & 9, 2004
Doubletree Hotel San Jose, San Jose

Program Overview

Special Events
Taste Of Technology Reception sponsored by ADVANTA
This is your opportunity to meet all the fabulous WITI women - and male supporters - who invest in and are a part of these informative and motivating events.

Hall of Fame Awards Gala hosted by RAYTHEON
Don't miss our annual WITI Hall of Fame Gala to honor women who truly are "Moving Powerfully into the Future". The WITI Hall of Fame was established in 1996 by WITI to recognize, honor, and promote the outstanding contribution women make to the scientific and technological communities that improve and evolve our society.

Taking Control - You decide what happens to you
Shahla Aly, General Manager, Cross Company Strategy and Initiatives, Microsoft Corp.
No one can realize her full potential if she feels she will be held back. Sometimes the person who holds you back the most is yourself... If you see something as an obstacle it is one, and if you allow others to define your obstacles for you they will. In this keynote, Shahla will discuss advancing your career by arming yourself with critical tools for success and adopting a "if there is one exception, it will be me" attitude.

Women in Leadership and Authenticity
Barbara Annis, CEO, Barbara Annis and Associates Inc. and bestselling author
WITI is pleased to announce that Barbara Annis will be leading the discussion on authenticity throughout the conference - starting with revealing WHY authenticity is so important and HOW it may just be the key to your success! Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
  • How can I remain true to myself on the job without losing credibility?
  • What about gender communication differences do I need to understand in order to break through to new levels?
  • How can I create a sense of purpose to my work and my organization to drive creativity and productivity?
Chances are you answered "YES" to one of more of these questions! Join us for this amazing journey that helps you develop new communication tools giving you the ability to speak with power and credibility. It will help you expand your existing skills, discover new talents, and gain the power to move forward as a leader in your organization and in life.

Revealing the Divine Power Within You
Agapi Stassinopoulos, bestselling author
Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Conversations with the Goddesses, will close the conference with some wonderful inspiration from the past. Using the Greek Goddesses as a stepping-stone to help us claim our natural gifts and access our wisdom, Agapi shows us ways to become the master strategist of our lives and to learn how to transform our difficulties into victories. In using ancient wisdom, we can see our limitations and begin to understand how to go beyond them. We also learn to accept our weaknesses, but focus on our strengths. We call on the Divine power that is within us to transform our lives. Finally, Agapi assists us in tapping into our source for the keys to our own personal and professional success and guides us beyond ourselves to be of service to others.

The Soul of Money: How to be Authentic in Your Relationship with Money in the Workplace and in Life
Lynne Twist, global activist, fundraiser, and bestselling author
Lynne has traveled the world, developing a keen understanding of the relationship of people to money, the psychology of scarcity and the psychology of sufficiency. She shares compelling stories and insights from those experiences in The Soul of Money: Transforming your Relationship with Money and Life.

Women Powerfully Leading - Our Best Hope sponsored by WELLPOINT
Curt Weeden, Founder, Contributions Academy and bestselling author
Author Curt Weeden draws on his best-selling book, How Women Can Beat Terrorism, to make a powerful case that contends women -- backed by appropriate technologies -- are our best hope for protecting the U.S. and other developed nations from impending attacks. Weeden's presentation also includes a call for women and the technologies needed to empower them that must be called upon to address some of the pressing domestic problems faced by Americans including the staggering rise in health care costs. Weeden's messages are gaining widespread interest among many audiences (his book is now a text in over 50 colleges/universities). "No audience is more important than the technologically-savvy women who are members of WITI," he states.

Creating A New Dream For Your Future
Marcia Wieder, "America's Dream Coach" and bestselling author
Do you have a dream - or is it time for a new one? Busy taking care of others, living from clocks and calendars, and often mired in reality, do you think dreaming is frivolous? Dreaming big is a skill, very different than problem solving, which can take you, your relationships, and your business, to new heights. Regardless of what you do, here is an opportunity to explore the essence of who you are, what you value and to make some new choices in your life based on that.

Through fun and interactive exercises, you will:

  • Gain clarity about your dreams in all areas of life including: personal, professional, relationships, health, finance and fun. Discover a simple three-step formula that will work on any dream.
  • Recognize the most common ways we sabotage our dreams, and participate in a powerful exercise for seeing how your attitudes and beliefs directly impact your ability to create. Remove doubts, fears and concerns.
  • See how dreams, goals and fantasies differ, and why dreams are essential for a fulfilling life. Learn to inspire the people around you to dream.
  • Create a new dream for yourself, your business or your family.

Comic Relief
Comic Relief with Gadget Grrl

Believe it or not, technology can be educational AND entertaining - and Gadget Grrl is here to prove it. Join us for these light-hearted versions of technology ....

Now What?
We've got technology and we know how to use it so, now what? What can we expect to see in the technological crystal ball? How much input do women have on the creation of new products coming out in the future? Do women really want a home that is fully automated?

Tech Travel: Are we there yet?
It's a tough time to be Gadget Grrl. Security check points at every airport and I'm carrying cases full of gadgets. Travel tech horror stories don't have to be the case if you know how to dodge the latest logistical landmines. WIFI spots were supposed to free up business travelers, so why aren't more consumers using them? Where in the heck are the hot spots? And when you find one what are some of the new devices that work?

Sessions: Executive Women's Program
Executive Women Only

Sessions: General Attendees
The conference kicks-off with sessions about future technologies and business trends. It's a quick peek at possibilities and doors of opportunity that may be opening for women in technology, business and your personal lives. Once you've had a chance to consider your future, we begin to focus on the tools and strategies to get you there. You'll have the chance to attend several workshops on building and planning for your future. Lastly, we have a series of workshops on authenticity and leadership. Afterall, in the end, what's most important is that you get where you want to go all within the context of being authentic. In other words, being empowered to be YOURSELF! So are you ready to move powerfully into the future?

Our Future: Opportunities and Directions
New Technologies Changing our Lives: New technologies emerge every day that have the potential of changing the way we live and the way we work in the world today. This session addresses three technological phenomena that have broad implications for your professional and personal life.
  • Social Networks: LinkedIn, Virtual Path, Orkut... just three examples of new software designed to connect like-minded people. We'll evaluate whether social networks just connect long-lost friends or have application in a business environment.
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Fever: Wi-fi connections are spreading rapidly. They promise timely communications with customers and suppliers as well as untold new business opportunities. Wi-fi will continue to blur the lines between communication devices, which will encourage new industries and threaten old ones.
  • RFID, The newest link in the supply chain: It's clear to business how RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Card) will revolutionize inventory management and generate data driven gold mines. But, high cost and consumer privacy concerns threaten its rapid and mass adoption. How will this technology empower professional retailers and manufacturers? Is there any value for consumers?

Making a Living, Making a Difference: Corporate coach Wendy Wallbridge will moderate a panel of extraordinary women whose work makes a positive difference in the world. Learn what inspired them to make these life choices to follow their purpose and passion, and how you might shape your career to do the same.

(Especially for Entrepreneurs) The Intersection of Business and Social Change: There has never been a better time or bigger opportunity to use your business acumen to make a difference in the world. Whether that means joining the ranks of those pushing for big corporations to behave responsibility with respect to the environment and communities where they operate, or launching a business with a social mission, we've seen huge growth in the number of businesses in which the bottom line is not all that matters. This panel will take a look at the myriad ways that business is fueling social change (from "corporate social responsibility" to "social entrepreneurship") through the personal stories of our panelists, a mix of people from the corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit worlds.

Designing and Building Your Future and Success
Life/Career Decisions - Technology Changes Everything: More and more, technology is changing life options. We keep people alive, make office buildings obsolete, and even postpone the biological clock from ticking. All of this changes our options and choices. This session examines how your decisions - the when, where, and how of work and motherhood - can change as a result of technology, and we look at the important issues that surround these choices.

Planning for Personal and Professional Success in a Male-Dominated Industry: More and more women these days are finding career success and assuming leadership roles within the information technology industry. But in spite of significant gains, for many women achieving professional success in tech and other traditionally male-dominated professions remains a daunting challenge.

Lexmark International's Sharon Brindley has successfully navigated the IT industry and its hidden barriers for more than 25 years, rising through the ranks of IBM and Lexmark to a position of executive leadership. She and the other participants in this focused panel will candidly discuss the unwritten rules that women need to know in order to compete effectively and advance in a predominantly male culture.

What do male executives look for when evaluating job and promotion candidates? How does the male culture operate? What sales techniques and strategies work most effectively with male customers? Can women compete while still remaining true to themselves and their values? In order to play the game, it helps to have the playbook.

Special Bonus: Sharon Brindley will raffle off Lexmark's new E232t monochrome laser printer - compact yet powerful personal home or office printer!

How (and Why) to Develop Your Own Career Action Plan: While employee training and career development programs have been subject to sizeable budget cuts in recent corporate cost-cutting drives, individuals focused on professional advancement are still encouraged to develop their own skill-development plans of action and network pro-actively with their professional peers. In this session, Ms. Guarino will offer insights into career development based on her personal experiences as a female high-tech professional whose background includes 13 years at IBM and her position as Vice President of Global Sales for Biz360, the communications measurement company. She will explain how to develop short- and long-term career goals, and gain a clear focus on areas for personal growth. Ms. Guarino will discuss the importance of mentoring and cite her successes in forming a Notre Dame alumnae-networking group among technology industry professionals. The sessions offers tips on how to leverage your current management contacts and establish a solid network of business connections to assist in achieving your professional goals.

Attendees will learn how to create a realistic career development plan; two or three personal action items to pursue now for career enhancement; and understanding of the importance of networking and how to build a stronger network of professional connections.

Savvy Negotiating in the Electronic Age - Don't Be Sabotaged! Email has revolutionized our lives and the way we do business. But what makes email so convenient can also make it deadly. Don't let it sabotage your next business deal! In this program, you'll learn ten lessons others have "learned the hard way" - and how to avoid them. Helen Leah Conroy specializes in structuring, negotiating and drafting agreements involving intellectual property. She'll show how to use email as a business communication tool to maximize your desired outcomes. You'll also learn best practices for handling electronic documents in the negotiation process and ways to use email to your advantage in making deals.

(Especially for Entrepreneurs) Making Your Business a Success - It takes a lot more than a great technology! Designed for business owners, executives and those thinking of starting a business who want to learn what it takes to launch a successful business. We will help you to understand some of the common pitfalls businesses get into and then help you learn how to design strategies for avoiding those common mistakes. We will help you look at your target market and the product/service that you offer, your brand, and your pricing and examine the steps you need to take to bring in more business.

Radical Sabbaticals: Last year this session was a HIT, so we're bringing it back. This session explores how you can successfully shift gears from one career path to another.

Women and IT NOT in the Boardroom - What's Happening and How Can You Affect Change?: The seemingly endless debate about the contribution that technology can make to corporate prosperity has been fuelled by a new global study about the participation of technology experts, including chief information officers, on company boards. Just 15, or 5 per cent, of Fortune Global 500 companies that release board-member biographical information have CIOs sitting on their boards, according to research by Burson-Marsteller, the communications consultancy. It says boardrooms need to open their doors to directors with technology skills and competencies.

Likewise, Fast Company's recent article, "Where are the Women?" documents that in 2003, women held only 13.6% of board seats in Fortune 500 companies. It is pointed out that these "actual numbers, compared to the percentage of women in the workforce, are still minuscule."

Join us for this peek into who ISN'T sitting in the boardrooms and HOW we can get there. We'll explore some of the strategies you can take for paving the way for yourself or those following in your footsteps! Our experts will discuss how to affect the kind of change necessary to unleash innovation and economic growth in today's businesses.

Technology Marketing Ideas That Work: Decades ago no one could have envisioned the technologies available today -- from personal computers and cellular telephones to WiFi devices and smart cars. With each advance in technology, marketers are challenged to be flexible and prepared for the next trend in this forever evolving industry. In this session we will discuss what is unique to marketing technology. You will leave with a better understanding of how to be a successful technology marketer. The panel will share their experiences on how they have seen the technology market change during their careers, real life marketing challenges they have faced, as well as insightful tools, tips and techniques that can be used to achieve success in today's marketing world.

Signature for Success - Good Traits, Bad Traits: This session provides another tool for your personal and professional success! Using the techniques of graphology - a practice widely accepted in European countries - Arlyn Imberman talks about how handwriting can be used to identify the good traits (emotional intelligence) and bad traits (greed) of the people with whom you work and live. Topics we'll explore include:

  • How can this tool be used in the workplace?
  • Can graphology help hire, motivate, and retain employees?
  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it oftentimes more important than credentials?
Arlyn will share real life examples of successful leaders, what motivates them, and what kind of team they need to carry out their vision. Join this fascinating look that will give you a new perspective on how to identify the best people to maximize productivity and effectiveness for your team or organization!

Special Opportunity: Six people will be chosen from the session for a complementary analysis. Arlyn will provide you with insights about your skills and leadership traits in the workplace (must be scheduled on Jun 9 before the end of the conference).

(Especially for Entrepreneurs) The Expert Advantage: Be Recognized as an Expert to Attract Clients with Ease! When you are recognized as an expert, you will easily obtain and retain clients. The expert advantage increases: sales, visibility, customer loyalty, company image and media coverage for you and your firm.

This powerful session will show you how to build visibility and credibility by positioning yourself as a valuable resource and expert in your target market. At this program you will find out how to:

  • Choose what area you want to spotlight as your expertise
  • Begin to see yourself as an expert
  • Market yourself as a speaker and an expert
  • What to do when you speak to maximize the number of clients from each presentation
  • Write and distribute articles and learn how to get articles in national magazines
  • Easily build a distribution list, publish your own newsletter or e-zine to keep clients
  • Several other internet resources that you can capitalize on to attract new opportunities
  • Produce and publish simple expert products to significantly increase your profitability
  • and much more!

Authenticity: The Framework to Succeed
Why Can't Women Be More Like Men? What You Don't Know About Gender Differences! Do you long to communicate with authority, authenticity and gentleness? Do you sometimes find yourself being ignored in meetings, passed over for promotions, or ill-prepared for media appearances? Gaining attention and credit can be challenging with men constantly 'scooping you to the spotlight'.

In this hands-on workshop you'll learn what men do effectively and differently from women. You'll find out how you can gracefully handle them (or anyone) without giving up the attention you deserve. You'll learn how to eliminate behaviors that make you appear powerless and what are the biggest mistakes to avoid. Susan Harrow will show you proven techniques she has used for the past 15 years to train Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and authors so you can command respect and get what you want without selling your soul. Discover how to use your facial, verbal and body language to effectively convey your intentions and message in any situation.

Taking the Lead: Breakthrough Tools for Authentic Leadership: Would you like to be able to generate success, enthusiasm and your own well-being, even in the face of opposition and change? In this experiential session, you will learn to become unstoppable in your work and life by reinventing your vision of yourself to reflect your highest standards and ideals. This workshop offers simple yet powerful tools for overcoming obstacles and removing blind spots that limit achievement and desired results. Participants gain insights that transform leadership by learning to shift from reactive and defensive modes into creative, positive action in any situation. On Your Mark coach Randy Methven will coach you to gain ignition and traction in achieving what matters to you most.

Power Thinking and Communicating - How to Influence Others and Increase Your Success:
This program will help you tap into your full thinking potential for optimum success in every aspect of your life - at home, at work, in your relationships and at the deepest level of self and spirit. No superhuman effort is required - just an openness to new possibilities and a strong desire to make dynamic change. Discover a well of strength you never knew you had. Along the way, get to know yourself without being afraid of what you might find. Take firm, confident steps to realize what you desire.

This program will show you how to:

  • Create and effectively communicate your compelling vision
  • Effectively enroll others in your vision
  • Create and communicate with an expect success attitude
  • Ask for what you want every time and get it more of the time
  • Communication dos to be more influential
  • Communication don'ts to avoid
The result will enable you to build a personal power, positive vision and communicate in a way that will serve you on and off the job.

In the Executive Suite, the Golden Rule Still Applies How can you effectively compete for male-dominated executive positions while maintaining your style and values? How do you drive high performance and earn the respect and loyalty of your colleagues and team? How do you effectively merchandise your results so you aren't passed over for promotion?

Using real-life examples based on more than 20 years in business, Colleen Edwards will share proven methods for achieving your career goals, and warn you of traps to avoid. Find out why, despite widespread media claims of unethical behavior and greed in the board room, practicing the golden rule is still the best method for advancing your career and satisfaction level.

Naked Ambition - Overcoming Socially Sanctioned Self-Sabotage to Unleash Your Full Potential: Are you as ambitious as you really want to be? Or are you settling for less when what you truly want is more? Have you internalized the message that rising in your career should take a backseat to mastering the work / life equation? Have you absorbed the message that ambition is wrong, so that unconsciously you believe that wanting more at work means you're less of a woman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be putting your own thumb on the scales, telling yourself that it's okay not to grow your career. Modern society tells us that we should be just thrilled to have a not-ideal job and a not-ideal life as long as we feel the two are balanced. We're subtly being encouraged to accept this dumbing-down of our ambitions in the guise of life balance. The result is socially sanctioned self-sabotage -- we put our career ambitions into a holding pattern and focus on not going insane between work and home.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The 7 most common holding patterns that high-achieving women get stuck in.
  • How to quickly assess if you're in one of these career plateaus and the single most important step you can take to break free.
  • How to stay in touch with (or get back in touch with) what "fires you up".
  • The most important attitude shift for getting what you truly want.
  • Which "new team" you should join to advance your own - and other women's - ambition and why.
  • The 3 most effective strategies for laying out a practical short- to long-term strategic plan to get what you want out of your work without compromising your life balance.
  • How to clearly define the "unifying principle" of your big-picture career legacy.
Also watch for our Post-Conference Learning Center!
Something new for WITI... After the conference, visit our Post-Conference Learning Center chock full of articles, recommended reading, "How-To" Tip Sheets from all the presenters, teleclasses and more!
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