2004 National Conference


2004 Executive Program - For Executives Only
Moving Powerfully into the Future
June 8, 2004
Doubletree Hotel San Jose, San Jose

The WITI National Conference is all about "Moving Powerfully into the Future", but YOU'RE already there! That doesn't make it easy though, so we have created a program just for you. The Executive Women's Program is about keeping your dream, creating your own advisory network to keep you grounded, taking the challenge of affecting change at the executive levels and in the boardrooms, and being a leader - all in the context of being authentic. We are offering one day of executive sessions, in a small comfortable setting, with other woman that face your same challenges. The day concludes with a special VIP Executive Reception, followed by the Hall of Fame Awards Gala. This will be a day of insights and new connections.
We Promise.

Here's a glimpse of the provocative agenda designed for you:

Inspirational Keynotes
  • Creating a New Dream for your Future with Marcia Wieder
  • Women in Leadership & Authenticity with Barbara Annis
  • Women, Authenticity and the Soul of Money with Lynne Twist
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Executive Sessions
Advisory Networks for VPs and CEOs:
The demands you place on your advisory network change as you move from a mid-management level to VP, SVP or CEO. This workshop shows how to take your advisory network to a new level. Ms. Annis will lead you through the issues around developing your network to attain sound guidance, fresh insights and emotional support.

Executive Training: How to Use What You've Got to Create, Lead and Manage a Sustainable and Successful Operation:
As an executive of your company, you have a responsibility to continue to create growth and increase shareholder value. Each of us comes to the executive ranks with a set of tools and strengths. This highly interactive, reality-based session will help you better understand how to maximize your inherent skills to succeed. We will also discuss how to supplement your own experience with talent where you may be lacking. You will hear case studies from executives and entrepreneurs who will share their learning from the triumphs and the "bumps in the road" they have experienced through their years of experience in corporations, start-ups and non-profit organizations. We will discuss common mistakes made by first time CEO's and executives and help you to avoid some of these potential pitfalls. Walk away with new ways to maximize the effectiveness of your executive role within your company.

Leadership Being - The Last Frontier:
Thousands of books have been written on leadership and yet reading every one of them would not necessarily make you a better leader! They are filled with tips and techniques on what a leader needs to know and do, but rarely do they deal with the real heart of successful leadership which lies in "who you need to be!" This session is a brief but deep dive into the essence of your "leadership being" and how it gives rise to the impact you have on others. Whether you are interested in advancing your own growth and development or learning how to transfer your leadership success to others, this session is for you. Come prepared to engage in meaningful and relevant conversations about the challenges of executive leadership.

General Attendee Sessions
You are also invited to attendee any of the General Attendee sessions that are running concurrently to the Executive Women's Programs. Some relevant topics include:
  • Making a Difference, Making a Living
  • The Intersection of Business and Social Change
  • Savvy Negotiating in the Electronic Age - Don't be Sabotaged!
  • Why Can't Women be More Like Men? What You Don't Know About Gender Differences
  • Taking the Lead: Breakthrough Tools for Authentic Leadership
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Special Events
VIP Executive Reception:
Join this exclusive reception to network and make new connections! To attend the complementary VIP Executive Cocktail Reception, please RSVP: 800-334-9484 or [email protected].

Taste Of Technology Reception sponsored by ADVANTA:
This is your opportunity to meet all the fabulous WITI women - and male supporters - who invest in and are a part of these informative and motivating events.

Hall of Fame Awards Gala hosted by RAYTHEON:
Don't miss our annual WITI Hall of Fame Gala to honor women who truly are "Moving Powerfully into the Future". The WITI Hall of Fame was established in 1996 by WITI to recognize, honor, and promote the outstanding contribution women make to the scientific and technological communities that improve and evolve our society.

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