Conference Testimonials


WITI Conference Testimonials

I have been involved with WITI since the mid-90's. I have participated in many of the conferences and events, and have been joined by many of the women I've worked with. Our participation led to multiple opportunities to build relationships with existing and potential clients, and also served as an excellent platform for recruiting. Furthermore, the general networking and experience sharing has been invaluable in developing new insights and opening up new doors - both personally and professionally!

-- Christy Jones, Founder & CEO, Extend Fertility

While I am just becoming acquainted with WITI, I wish I had known of it 15 years ago as I was building my career. It's a great support organization that I'm proud to be associated with now.

-- Colleen Edwards, VP of Marketing, Foundstone

WITI has provided me with a myriad of positive experiences. I am so thankful that I got involved with this organization several years ago. My fondest experience was several years ago in Santa Clara, when I was speaking to a roundtable of "women of color". We were sharing some preliminary thoughts and introducing ourselves, when this "loud" and colorful lady came in the room and interrupted our session. She said she didn't think a roundtable should be conducted with women sitting in chairs in a classroom arrangement. I was new to WITI, so I invited her to help us arrange the room in a manner she felt would be more comfortable. After we had made a big circle so we could see each other and read each other's expressions, she introduced herself as Carolyn Leighton Tal, the founder of WITI. Carolyn can always be found around the conference, lending a hand and showing others how to network and make the most of every experience that WITI has to offer.

-- Birdie Sadberry, Consulting Systems Engineer in Technology Services, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway

I have been with WITI since the very 1st meeting at Sun Microsystems. I have watched it grow in numbers and impact both nationally and internationally. I always meet fantastic women at WITI events!

-- Rayona Sharpnack, Founder & President, Institute for Women's Leadership

WITI's 2003 National Conference blew me away. I was surprised at the level of professionalism and the caliber of speakers. I met women from different walks of life, from different countries in the world. The sessions and seminars were powerful and provided a wealth of knowledge. The speakers actually shared their experiences and knowledge! I had a wonderful time at this very enriching and rewarding event. I knew then I had found an organization to be part of.

-- Chioma A. Ndubuisi, Project Manager, Option One Mortgage

The WITI Conference have been an inspirational, educational and motivating event that I look forward to every year. I get valuable professional advice, and I enjoy the warm and welcoming environment this special event brings to women. It's a wonderful opportunity to network with many diversified, successful women, and it's awesome to see them recognized.

-- Rita Chow, IBM Global Services Project Manager at IBM Corp

Attending my first WITI Conference in Santa Clara in 1997 inspired me to take an active role in mentoring girls and women in careers in technology. Since the conference, I have co-founded a woman's network at Raytheon Fullerton, Winning Opportunities for Women, and have sponsored Introduce a Girl to Engineering Days at the site. I not only enjoy mentoring but believe it is my responsibility to help encourage and guide girls and other women on their journey.

-- Hope Miller, California Director of Engineering, Network Centric Systems, Raytheon Corporation

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the conferences this year in San Jose and I tell you it was so wonderful. What was invaluable to me is getting charged up. I was getting tired and feeling overwhelmed and then all these dynamic women walking around. It put me right back on track. Thank you WITI!

-- "angelajoe"

Not only did my employees return to work from WITI's conference energized, enthusiastic and expectant that their careers have real growth potential, but I found unexpected value in meeting women professionals from across the country and - specifically in our company - who are making a real and positive difference.

-- Dr. Lynne C. Bracker, National award recipient and Manager, Systems Engineering, Raytheon Missile Systems

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