Anna Leighton

Founder, Annatarian Designs
210 - How Serious Games Are Changing the World

Anna Leighton is a fashion artist whose interests lie in environmental solutions, technology, beauty, and the human condition. Upon earning a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design she worked in the fashion industry; traveling, producing and designing clothing, textiles, and graphics.

Shortly after 9/11 Ms. Leighton created an eco-effective design company called Annatarian. Being eco-effective is not only about designing in an environmentally friendly way, but in a deeper, more holistic way by asking "How do we love all children of all species for all time?" when we design and make things. Annatarian is best known for its eco-couture collections and jewelry line called PeaceLoveEarth. Annatarian has been featured at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, The O Magazine Conference, The Chicago Nature Museum, the Sundance Film Festival, and at The Grand Performances with Al Gore. Annatarian has also appeared on The View, Marie Claire, The Style Network, and has been worn by celebrities on the carpet, including the Oscars.