Janet Janssen

Principal, Power, Play, Purpose Culture
114C-018 - Seven Seconds to Making A Great and Lasting Impression
219C-049 - Seven Seconds to Making A Great and Lasting Impression
222C-068 - Career Choices: Creating Focus in a World of Bright Shiny Objects
305C-097 - Changing Habits is Changing our Minds

Janet Janssen works with managers and businesses to bring power, play, and purpose to their teams for greater productivity and profitability. Her creative and out-of-the-box experiential exercises are geared to help managers and their teams explore more creative ways to tap into their own intrinsic motivation, learn strategies and tactics to power up their sales and team engagement. And too, to play!

Ms. Janssen is a guest author in the published book, Manifest Change (2014); Scotts Valley Chamber Board member; CEU Chair for Women in Addiction Treatment Association; Leadership Santa Cruz 2018; Toastmaster; Master trainer in Neurolinguistic; and Certified Hypnotherapist since 1994.