Rene Redwood

CEO, Redwood Enterprise, LLC
302 - Breaking Barriers & Survival: Reaching the Top
188 - Celebration Kick-Off & Founders Reception

Rene Redwood is CEO of Redwood Enterprise LLC, a consulting practice that provides data-informed strategies to deliver people and process solutions to support the client mission. Ms. Redwood directs initiatives resulting in judicial, legislative, commercial, and political wins for public and private sector organizations. Ms. Redwood facilitates discourse on the case for equity and fairness, promotes policies that valuate human resources as an asset, and applies research and experience in identifying promising practices to reduce risk from and in organizational culture.

Ms. Redwood served on a court appointed Task Force to oversee a Fortune corporation's compliance with a historic discrimination settlement agreement and currently chairs the Equality Task Force for a Federal agency. A chemist by training, she has been an executive or director for: a prominent polling and consulting firm; the Presidential Glass Ceiling Commission (Civil Rights Act of 1991, Title II); a coalition of leading legal defense organizations; congressional district offices; and political operations for a national party. Rene Redwood is honored as a Freedom's Sister for "continuing the legacy of African American women for courageous, spirited trailblazing that has helped to shape our country" (by Ford Motor Company Fund and Smithsonian Institute) and received the "Women-Owned Business, Servant Leadership Award." Often described as smart, strategic, and energetic, Ms. Redwood serves on several committees and boards, and has been featured in such publications as Time Magazine, Elle, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, and American Editor.