Mimi Shalash

Technical Data Sales Rep, AWH
309 - Building A WITI Network - in Your City, in Your Company

Muimtaz (Mimi) Shalash is a Technical Data Sales Rep within the Data Analytics & Machine Learning team at AWH, a product creation and software engineering firm. Centered in STEM career fields, she has contributed to bridging the gender gap in traditionally male-dominated fields since 2014. From thermoplastics engineering to information technology, Ms. Shalash's industry versatility and case study analysis have helped clients reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and achieve corporate business initiatives.

Ms. Shalash plays an active part in addressing the digital divides through social awareness and interpersonal development within the global digitalization strategy. As a recent addition to the Columbus WITI Board, she looks forward to an impactful and empowering year!