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Cecily Joseph
Executive Director, Corporate Responsibility, Symantec Corporation
How Women Can Leverage Their Current Skills To Move Into Clean Tech

Cecily Joseph is Director of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec Corporation, the fourth-largest independent software company in the world. Cecily oversees Symantec's global corporate social responsibility program, which includes environmental, social, and governance program development, integration, and alignment. As the company spokesperson on matters related to corporate responsibility, Cecily responds to stakeholder questions and concerns and oversees the company's reporting and communication efforts. Cecily represents Symantec as a focal point for the UN Global Compact US Network and helps to organize and facilitate meetings with multinational corporations, universities, and NGOs on human rights, labor, environment, and anticorruption.

Cecily's responsibilities include coordination and design of Symantec's corporate-wide global climate-change program. This program addresses a new go-to-market strategy around Green IT and includes internal and external communication, work with nonprofit organizations, and initiatives to reduce Symantec's environmental footprint. Cecily manages an internal environmental stewardship council, which sets goals and targets and reports to the Symantec CEO and Chairman quarterly on conservation, transportation, and progress related responsible software packaging.

Cecily joined Symantec after twelve years with VERITAS Software, where she managed the company's legal affairs and served as Executive Director of the VERITAS Foundation.

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