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Dana Smirin
Chairwoman, CleanTechBay
How Women Can Leverage Their Current Skills To Move Into Clean Tech

Dana Smirin has managed a San Francisco-based sustainability consulting practice for over a decade and recently completed a two year position as the Special Assistant to the Dean of the College of Natural Resources at the University of California at Berkeley.

Smirinís work has put her at the intersections of key communities and ideas that are shaping the sustainability revolution. Her diverse knowledge, experience, and network enable her to help leaders make sense of a complex business environment, develop successful strategies, and find the right leadership, capital, and ideas to turn plans into realities.

Recent consulting clients include being a Senior Adviser to the CleanTech Group, Innovation Norway; the Global Footprint Network, and in the Netherlands the Business in Development Network and Oxycom. Her work at Berkeley includes developing partnerships with innovators in the biofuels, green chemistry, water, agro-forestry, agriculture, and plant molecular biology sectors and relating this work into emerging markets. She produced conferences in South Africa related to Green Chemistry as well as helping develop the African Green Revolution Conference in Oslo 2007.

Prior to her work as a consultant, she helped launch energy companies such as Green Mountain Energy, Foresight Energy Services, and At the Moment Trading. This followed leading the marketing function for the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) and founding Chute Recycling Systems in 1993. She actively developed multi-stakeholder endeavors as Director of Education Africa and later as Fauna Flora Internationals Director launching Flower Valley Trust and other successful micro enterprises.

In addition to her work as a consultant, Smirin is the founding Chairwoman of Cleantech Bay, Cleantech Industry Trade Association c-(6) and is an adviser to various Clean Technology Funds and the Mayor of San Franciscoís Clean Tech Advisory Board. She was awarded the American Council on Germanysí McCloy Environmental Fellowship in 2005 to explore the acceleration of bringing Clean Technologies to market. She speaks on a variety of sustainability and development related topics in Southern Africa and beyond. Smirin is a native of South Africa and has lived and worked in the United States, Europe, and Africa. Her lifelong passion is exploring nature as model for design. She enjoys water sports, gardening, cooking, and cultural exploration.

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