Graduating from the Past and Creating a new Future

Bill LamondPresenter: Bill Lamond

To have a powerful and effective Voice, it is necessary to graduate with honor from the way you think now and become a person who has the freedom to have a new Voice - the same thing we do with software.

The Completion process graduates you from the operating system you currently have regarding any subject, honors the results that you have produced and deletes old thinking starts with new thinking that creates a new platform that is current and effective for where you are now.

This, of course, is no different from graduating college and realizing that all the things that were important to you in school will need to be updated and/or replaced as you enter the world at large. Powerful!

Over four sessions of two hours, you will:

1) Discover what chapter of your life or way of thinking needs to be updated/graduated from in order to have what you want or envision now and you will graduate from that chapter with honor.

2) Discover the technology and practices for having this new chapter be everything you want.

3) Learn to act on this new chapter/programming so it becomes natural for you and allows you to investigate what it takes to operate in this future.

4) Open a new orientation towards the present and future, with no problems to clean up, which allows you to true up your thinking and behavior to the future you want now.