The Truth that sets you Free

Bill LamondPresenter: Bill Lamond

Most people know that two amazing teachers, Buddha and Jesus, both taught that the Truth will set you free, but very few people are able to access that Truth and experience the amazing results that become available when you enter a state of freedom, an almost unheard of state in our pressurized way of living. A new future opens that is way better than what you have now - a future that creates opportunities that you haven't previously had.

When you tell the Truth, your body relaxes and energizes, your heart opens and is happy and/or peaceful, and your mind quiets and turns off the excessive chatter that most people live with mentally. Many people think that living in that kind of freedom is impossible, but just turning off all the noise, would give you a new and more desirable future.

1) Over four sessions of two hours, you will discover how to gain access to the Truth and recognize it.

2) You will pick an area of your life where you have not had much freedom, and come to peace with it.

3) You will create a new future for yourself, free from the restraints that you have lived with.

4) You will discover a new freedom to be yourself, to honor your own individual life and process and increase your effectiveness by making choices that set you free and are in cooperation with the best interests of all concerned.