The Power and Practice of Feminine Desire

Bill LamondPresenter: Bill Lamond

You might not know this, but hunger, the worst plague in the history of humanity will be gone in thirteen years. The main architects of this amazing change are WOMEN. Let's face it... women are the ones whose desire is so powerful that when added to the way women think in tribe or group, what they desire inevitably happens. We call this kind of experience not a good idea, but our Heart's Desire. It is not mental. It is emotional, energetic, spiritual, and completely social, and yes, also mental. To unleash the power of desire of women is to take the bullet train to the place we want!

Over four sessions of two hours, you will

1) Use a survey of nourishment in every area of your life to pay attention to where you are actually thriving or getting enough and where you are malnourished or starving across the broad spectrum of your life.

2) You will create a new desire that is the instrument for bringing all the areas of your life up to speed and allow you to get what you want.

3) You will eliminate the second-class beliefs about yourself that most women are automatically trained for by their culture, and live with and open your desire for a first-class, remarkable life.

4) You will eliminate "solving problems" as your central, often forced-on-you desire, and enter the world of true aspiration and greatness.