Job Search Strategies

WITI knows that everyone needs professional advice from time to time, and we would like to help.

WITI now offers a Monthly Coaching Circle, led by career coach and WITI president David Leighton. Each hour-long, round-table call is a helpful opportunity to collaborate real-time info and advice with other WITI members on a variety of topics.

Our first topic is "Job Search Strategies." This coaching circle revolves around the question "What has been the biggest obstacle in your current job search?"

David Leighton is a co-founder and current president of WITI. During his presidency, he has turned WITI into a global enterprise. He is a creative, highly-motivated relationship-builder, and has a strong network that covers multiple industries. He is the chairman of Risk Analysis Group, co-founder of Criterion Research, co-founder of Webolution, and previous executive team-builder at Borland International.