Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Sheryl Root

Sheryl Root

Director/Assoc. Professor, Carnegie Mellon, President and CEO, RootAnalysis

Inducted in 2015

Sheryl Root is a software management consulting professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Silicon Valley. She is a strategy, marketing, and product development executive with over 18 years of experience at Hewlett-Packard and 10 years of software systems experience and leadership in the financial and computing industries.

Her strategic and program leadership experience focused on the definition and delivery of technology-based products with solutions. Her marketing operations experience has been in creating new business models, organizational structures, cost reductions, and revenue generation programs.

Sheryl is the president and CEO of RootAnalysis. She consults in the business strategy, creation, and execution of program management and marketing effectiveness for companies that include HP, PeopleSoft, Santa Clara University, Novell, and Philips.

Her passion is motivating and supporting young women in choosing careers in science and technology. She engages women to get involved and pay it forward. Several of the students she mentored have gone on to run successful technology firms.

Sheryl brought together CMU, Stanford, and UCB to establish an annual gathering of women in research to share ideas and form networks to sustain their thinking.

She sits on several boards including Sloan School of Business, (WITI) Women in Technology International, Teach for America, and the Stanford Institute on Research in Women and Gender. She holds a Sloan MBA from Stanford University.

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