Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Patricia M. Wallington

Patricia M. Wallington

President, CIO Associates, Sarasota, Florida

Inducted in 1997

Since 1999, Patricia Wallington has been president of CIO Associates, a consulting and executive coaching firm in Sarasota Florida. She also authored an award-winning column, Total Leadership, for "CIO" magazine.

At the time of her induction in 1997, she was corporate vice president and CIO at the Xerox Corporation. During her tenure at Xerox, she was known for the groundbreaking $3.4 billion outsourcing arrangement and the global technology transformation of the IT environment.

Patricia received many awards, including CIO of the Year in 1994 and the Top 100 Women in Computing. She has been a role model for other professional women and remains a mentor to many. As a volunteer in the Sarasota community, she works to enhance the leadership capabilities of young professionals.

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