Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Neerja Raman

Neerja Raman

Senior Research Fellow, Stanford University & Advisor, Committee for Cyber-, Infrastructure, National Science Foundation, USA

Inducted in 2005

Neerja Raman, a recognized author and is an executive in research management and senior fellow at Stanford University.

Her experience spans universities, startups, and large corporations. Until February 2006, she was director of Hewlett Packard (HP) Labs, responsible for strategic planning and innovation in the field of Imaging and Printing for HP's flagship products.

At Stanford University, Neerja is researching business models and metrics for technology-based solutions in the interest of humanitarian, educational, and sustainable development goals. Her Stanford research has been published in conference proceeding and as chapter "Eco-Stacking: A Strategy for Success in Business and Social Agendas" in the 2007 book titled "Innovative Approaches to Reducing Global Poverty."

Her technical expertise includes digital imaging, distributed systems design and architecture, and multimedia. She is on the advisory committee for cyberinfrastructure for the National Science Foundation.

Neerja was the only woman on a board of 12 that reviewed higher level promotions on HP's Technical Career Path program. In recognition of her leadership and support for women in science, the independent WITI panel of judges wrote,

"Neerja Raman’s visionary and results-driven approach has created one of the most highly respected and motivated teams in HP’s central research laboratory for the company’s innovative camera and inkjet products. Her team is geographically dispersed, global, and a model of diversity."
Under Neerja’s leadership, her team garnered numerous patents for technologies that are in HP products directly contributing to business growth.

In addition to driving leading-edge innovation in the field of Imaging Systems, Neerja has spearheaded industry transforming applications like digital publishing.

At HP Scientific Instruments Division, her team designed and developed the earliest software systems to enabled the growth of routine chemical analyses using GC, LC, and mass spectrometry. Under her leadership, HP pioneered official drug testing at the Olympics.

At HP Labs, her team developed prototypes and conducted studies to understand the beneficial effects of multimedia and internet technology in education. Neerja led HP’s art and science initiative where imaging technology is applied to preservation and dissemination of art to enhance cross-cultural understanding.

Neerja has experience in building partnerships between public and private sectors and setting policy.

From 1997 to 2004, Neerja was the technical representative for HP, working with international corporations and multiple United States government agencies in designing programs and technologies to dissuade unethical applications of digital imaging like currency counterfeiting.

Neerja’s expertise includes defining research strategy, investments to drive business growth and people management. She has cultivated partnerships around the world and managed research teams across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She works equally well with businesses, academics, and government officials to develop highly respected programs of global impact.

Neerja champions the cause of women in technical careers through mentoring, talks and workshops. She has led corporate culture task forces; was an official mentor for men and women at HP Labs, and has developed, and taught classes in technical management, leadership, and self-empowerment.

Drawing on the traditional teachings of her upbringing in India and her experiences working as a manager of globally distributed teams, Neerja published a management guide called "The Practice and Philosophy of Decision Making: A Seven-Step Spiritual Guide." She was featured at the authors’ expo "Books that Empower Women," at the WITI annual conference, 2004.

Neerja serves on the advisory board of Maitri: a women’s self-empowerment organization. She has also served as a board member of Indian Business and Professional Women.

In 2006, the Federation of Indo-Americans, Northern California, recognized Neerja with an Award of Distinction for outstanding citizenship and her contributions to technology and the community.

Neerja launched her career by merging her passion for two disciplines, chemistry and computer science.

Neerja is a graduate of the executive program at Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University. Neerja has a double masters from SUNY Stony Brook, New York, and Delhi University.

Neerja lives in California and is working on her next book while continuing her career as a social entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and speaker.