Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Susie Wee

Susie Wee

VP and CTO of Networked Experiences, Cisco

Inducted in 2010

Susie Wee is the vice president and CTEO of collaboration at Cisco Systems. She is dedicated to improving the way we use and experience technology today by simplifying the user experience for personal, social, and cloud computing. She also works to create immersive communication and collaboration experiences.

Susie led the team that developed Cisco DevNet, Cisco’s developer community, in 2014. In April 2011, she joined Cisco Systems. She co-edited the JPSEC standard and the JPSEC amendment that provides security for scalable media. She was also an associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Circuits, Systems, Video Technology, and Image Processing.

Susie started working as a researcher at Hewlett-Packard in 1996. While there, she served as CTO of Client Cloud Services.

Throughout her career, Susie obtained various awards for her work. She made the list of Innovators under 35 for the "MIT Technology Review" and IT Innovators: 40 under 40 for "Computerworld."

Susie has a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in electrical engineering, all from MIT. She also developed the "Researchers In Residence" Program, a unique residency program that gives MIT graduate students the chance to work in industry while tackling challenging, compelling problems alongside leading HP Labs researchers.